When is the Best Time to Take Time Off and Visit Disney World with the Family?

Did you know that Walt Disney World is the most visited vacation resort on the planet? Are you aware that it has an average annual attendance of more than 52 million people? If so, you should also know that you will almost always find the resort to be crowded. To help you avoid the crowd and make the most of the trip, we have mentioned here what is the best time to take time off and visit Disney World with the family.

The Simple Answer

Weather is a key consideration when planning a visit to Orlando. If you plan to visit Orlando when the weather is most pleasant, you should plan your trip from March to May. During this time, you can enjoy the most pleasant weather as the temperatures range from the 50s to 80s most of the days.

Another option is to visit it from September to mid-November. At that time, you also expect comfortable temperatures and affordable hotel and airfare prices.

Summertime is the worst season to plan a trip to the area as the heat and humidity are unbearable, and the room rates are increased by hotels that want to cash in on the fact that it's school break. Prices are also higher between late November and February as families celebrate the holidays and want a vacation.

What are the Best Times to Visit Disney World in 2022?

Some of the best times to visit Disney World in 2022 are:

·       March 1-4, 2022

·       The last week of April

·       Weekdays in the first half of May

·       The second half of August

·       Most days of September

·       Most weekdays of October

·       Most weekdays in November (except the Thanksgiving week)

·       Weekdays in December (except Christmas and New Year's Eve weeks)

What are the Worst Times to Visit Disney World in 2022?

The worst times to visit Disney World in 2022 are:

·       February 18-27, 2022

·       March 5 - April 24, 2022

·       All weekends in May

·       All days of June

·       All days of July

·       The first half of August

·       The week of Thanksgiving

·       The week of Christmas through the week of New Year

When is Disney World the Most Crowded?

Usually, Disney world is most crowded during the school vacation weeks, during the summer season, holidays, and the weekends. The crowd levels are higher around February school vacation week, Thanksgiving week, Christmas week, spring break, and holiday weekends like Labor Day, Memorial Day, etc.

You can also expect the park to be busy after a new section, land, or attraction opens for the first time for the public.

When is Disney World Least Crowded?

Disney World is least crowded from January 2 until Presidents' Day week (which is the third Monday in February). It also has fewer crowds in the week following Labor Day until the weekend preceding Thanksgiving week. The same goes for the week after Thanksgiving weekend until the weekend before Christmas vacation week.

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