Best Music Production Software in 2022

A career in music production or a hobby for the same can be quite expensive. Sometimes people don't have a lot of funds to support their hobby or a career prospect. If you are the same, you might want to know about the best music production software in 2022. Here's a list of software that will help you create great music without charging an arm or a leg.

1. Apple GarageBand

Ideal for Mac and iOS users, this software is a desirable choice and totally free. It's very easy to use and gives you a lot of value for no money. It also consists of interactive artist lessons for piano and guitar. You need a MacOS, 10.13.6 or later.

2. Cubase

If you are looking for the free version, you can go for Cubase LE. It can use 16 virtual instrument tracks, 32 audio tracks, 48 external MIDI tracks, and as high as 16 physical inputs. It is also perfect for recording a live band. If you own an iPad, it will work wonderfully on it.

3. Waveform Free

It comes with a full-featured DAW and offers Unlimited audio and MIDI. Each section of this software is scalable to adjust according to your workflow. The bottom panel changes to display your chosen parameters, making things simpler.

4. Cakewalk

It should be your first choice when seeking a complete music production package. It offers unlimited audio and a MIDI. The highly advanced mixing and mastering tools are a bonus.

5. Bitwig Studio 16-track

This software is better than many others because it has a modulation system with 17 devices. It also has a forward-thinking feature set that you will surely love.

6. Presonus Studio One 5 Artist

If you are looking for stable and modern software that allows you to create great music, then this is the one. It has an intuitive workflow that you will like. It also has unlimited audio and MIDI tracks. You need to have a Windows 10. And Intel Core i3 processor to make the most of this software.

7. Audacity

Any list of best music production software is incomplete without mentioning audacity. It was one of its kind and has remained the same (mostly) since that time. It lives up to the definition of DAW and allows you to manipulate audio to your liking. It is also open-source, so it can be very useful for tech-savvy people who can create their versions without needing to buy anything. They can also use it as a foundation to build code according to their requirements.

This software is also a perfect option for people who want to record more than music. For example, you can record wedding vows, podcasts, speeches, and many other contents with the help of this.

8. Cockos Reaper 6

Music enthusiasts looking for the best beginner DAW for a customizable interface can trust this one. It offers excellent value for money, has a tiny storage footprint, and is quite snappy and responsive. You won't ever regret selecting it.




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