How to Set Up a Room for Video Recording

We live in a changed world where conference room office meetings are replaced by zoom or video meetings. It's also a world where everyone, from models to singing performers, records their videos to show their talent. All in all, video recordings have become a key component of our lives. If you also want to record video and don't want your room to look shabby, you need to read on. Here we have mentioned how to set up a room for video recording to make your room look attractive.

Ø  Start with the Setup

The first thing you need to do is choose the setup as to how your room needs to be prepared depending on it. You have three options available, full-body videos (for which a large part of your room should look good), top-down videos (for which also a major part of your room needs to look good), and talking head videos (for which only one wall has to look good).

Ø  Make Use of Natural Lighting

If you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on the right lighting and have access to natural light, you should make use of it. You can position yourself facing the video to use natural light from a window as a light source. Ensure you remember where the light is coming from to avoid exposure issues.

Ø  Add Décor Elements

If you want the room to look good in video recordings, you should consider adding little décor elements to the room. Examples include plants, books, cushions, chairs, ornaments, or patterned wallpapers that don't cost much but can help you transform the room.

Ø  Go for the Cozy Feel

When selecting a corner of your room for video recordings, pick a cozy, intimate but not cluttered corner.

Ø  Use a Sheet

If you want to transform a room quickly, you can add a sheet to the room's back wall and make it look appealing. Remember that darker colors like black work better than lighter colors like white which might wash out the subjects, especially when bright light comes into the picture.

Ø  Avoid an Echo

To avoid an often annoying echo during the video recordings, you can use a soft object like a pillow, couch, rug, or other fluffy objects that easily absorb sound.

Ø  Try a Video Editing Software

It is also smart to use video editing software that allows you to make the background of a room better by adding some fake objects to it. There are countless free video editing software options you can use.

Ø  Raise the Level

If you are shooting the video via a mobile device, you can ensure that the camera lens comes at face level by investing in a small tripod. You can get many cheap tripods around you that won't cost more than a few dollars. Similarly, if you are using a laptop, make sure you use a stack of books or boxes to elevate it. Also, get closer to the camera instead of using a zoom feature as it might blur you.




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