Code-It Hacks – The Right Place for Kids to Learn Coding, Robotics, and Electronics this Summer

Like a sponge, a child's brain is ready to absorb information, and the summer holidays are a good time to leverage this drive for advancement in one of today’s top prerequisites for success; CODE-IT HACKS in Toronto provides a number of stimulating summer camp programs for children to develop valuable STEM skills and to have fun while doing so.  

CODE-IT HACKS is a renowned STEM school for kids in Toronto. It offers play-based virtual and in-person programs for kids in Coding, Robotics, and Electronics. Their highly trained team of STEM professionals is committed to imparting foundational STEM skills in a safe, carefree, and fun environment. 

Overall Learning

With Collaborative learning, a Code-it Hacks learner will be a mentor, problem solver, collaborator, logical thinker, team player, and leader. In addition to teaching kids coding, the school also prepares students to understand the digital world's entire life cycle.

Based on the collaborative learning principles, students work in small groups and are mentored to unleash their imagination in brainstorming ideas, which are then journaled in their "Design Journal." No code is written until a mock idea is debated and collaborated on. Each week a leader is assigned to the group who is mentored to facilitate the design discussions and present the ideas at the end of the class.

The Code-it Hacks Curriculum Will:

·       Teach concepts to youth in a fun and playful manner

·       Use role-play to introduce the complex concepts of Looping, Variables, Arrays, Conditional Statements, etc.

·       Act out the concepts

·       Play unique games that explain core fundamentals

·       Design the concepts

·       Open computers to scribble the code

Key Offerings

Code-it Hacks offers the following:

·       Summer Technology Camps

·       March Break Camp

·       VIRTUAL Live Programs

·       IN-PERSON Programs

Summer Camps

Ideal for kids ages 5 – 7, 8- 12, and teens with age 11 or more, these summer camps are a unique blend of In-person camps that introduce young kids and teenagers to hands-on and inquiry-based emerging tech that is sure to spark an interest in the ever-changing landscape of the digital world.

As a part of the camps, kids and teens can program Drones, Make VR Games, Build and Code 3D worlds, Research and build a start-up, learn about artificial intelligence, and get ready for a fashion runway to display wearable tech among many other fun activities.

They will also re-build social skills outside the classroom by spending an hour or more outdoors for an inquiry segment, testing segment, or stretching those hard-working muscles! The camps also include learning from and meeting industry specialist guests.

Real Customer Reviews

The real customers (parents/kids) are very satisfied with the teaching methodologies and learning imparted. It is reflected in the glowing customer reviews of Code-it Hacks. Here are a few real reviews.

"My son attended multiple camps on robotics and ROBLOX. Before attending, he had no experience with robotics or ROBLOX. The teachers are patient and absolute delight to work with. My son walked away with several gadgets from robotics camp that he uses daily such as step counter. He was also able to develop, publish and monetize ROBLOX games after a few sessions. Absolutely love the team and would recommend to other parents wanting to give their kids a head start." - Aamir Khimani

"Our 8 year old has enjoyed the scratch classes very much (she has done 4 of them so far). Usually between classes, my child is eager to show me the cool aspects of her project as well as ideas to make it even better." - John J

"What an amazing program! Teachers are patient and helpful. Both my kids ages 10 and 12, are absolutely engaged and were so proud of their progress in level 1 they begged to enrol in the next level. Can't compliment the scratch and python courses enough. Thank you." - Ilona Hrubant

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