12 Meaningful Easter Traditions to Add to Your Family's Holiday

Easter Sunday is coming up faster than you think. It will be celebrated on April 17 this year. Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, this holiday is one of the most popular ones in Canada. If you plan to celebrate it with enthusiasm this time, you need to read about the meaningful Easter traditions to add to your family's holiday mentioned right here.

1.       Plan an Easter Egg Hunt

You can plan an Easter egg hunt with your family and give your kids clues that lead them to eggs hidden in and around your home.

2.       Attend an Easter Sunday Sunrise Service

Mary opened Jesus's tomb early in the morning and found it empty, according to the story. So, to honor the momentous occasion, many churches hold services at an early hour.

3.       Enjoy Easter Candy

Easter seems incomplete without candy. So, you should exchange chocolates or other sweets with your near and dear ones. Even jellybeans can be exchanged.

4.       Buy a Bonnet or a Suit

You can also buy a new Easter bonnet or suit to look different this Easter. You can also participate in the Easter parade to show off your new outfits.

5.       Serve Lamb or Ham or Other Foods

You can serve lamb or ham during Easter according to your beliefs. You can also serve egg rolls, decorative cookies, or dyed eggs.

6.       Try the Egg Tapping Game

Egg tapping, also known as egg knocking, egg fighting, egg boxing, egg picking, egg pacqueing, and egg jarping, is a game in which two people knock the pointed ends of the eggs together until one wins. The person who cracks the most eggs wins the game.

7.       Send Easter Lilies

Easter lilies are a symbol of hope and purity. You can send them to your near and dear ones to let them know you care for them.

8.       Bake a Cake

Another Easter tradition that might bring your family together is baking a cake. If you want to honor the bunny and your family likes it, you can bake a carrot-flavored cake.

9.       Consider Flying Kites

People of Bermuda love this tradition. It started when a local schoolteacher used a kite to demonstrate Jesus's ascension into heaven. Since then, kites have been flown at Horseshoe Bay Beach for the annual Good Friday Kite Festival.

10.   Watch a Classic

If you want to spend the holiday simply at your home, you can easily stay home and watch a classic like 1948's Easter Parade, which stars Judy Garland and Fred Astaire.

11.   Make an Easter Tree

Easter trees are a thing. You can plant a tree or decorate it. It will help you enjoy the festival and help you do your bit for the planet.

12.   Give Back

If you want to develop the habit of donating to your kids, you should celebrate every festival with a bit of donation or charity work. You can show care for the community even during Easter by giving back via volunteering for a cause or donating money to it.






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