People are Googling Like There's A Summer Travel Boom Coming

People have been stuck in their homes for about two years now. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything. Now that the danger has lessened somewhat, it's no surprise that people are hoping to travel again. According to recent data, people are Googling like there's a summer travel boom coming. Read on to know more about it.

The Searches

Alphabet's earnings call happened late Tuesday. The company noted that query growth on Google for categories like islands and beaches rose 27% in the first quarter compared to 2019 (the pre-pandemic time). Also, vacation rental queries rose by 37%. Global searches for passports online also rose by 80%, and inquiries for travel insurance also doubled.

The GDP Estimate

Also, the World Travel & Tourism Council stated that the US travel and tourism industry might make up $2 trillion in US GDP contribution this year. If that happens, it will surpass pre-pandemic levels by 6.2%.

Americans Plan Some Fun

A Summer Travel Survey organized by Vacasa recently unveiled that 63% of Americans plan to travel this summer. It also found that 85% of those summer travelers plan to vacation more than they did last year.

Travel to Europe Might Increase

Data from Allianz Partners revealed that travel to Europe from the US might increase by 600% from last year.

The Hiccups

Though the travel demand is expected to go up, the industry is dealing with hiccups like high airfares, rising gas prices, increased room and car rental rates, and staffing shortages.

More Advertisements

To lure travelers, states and cities across the US are investing more in advertising campaigns.

Busiest Season Since 2019

According to the results of a recent survey conducted by Longwoods International, travelers are once again starting to plan vacations in earnest. It could mean that this summer travel season will potentially be one of the busiest since 2019.

Amir Eylon, president and CEO of Longwoods International, shared his take when he stated, "Barring some new setback, the much-awaited shift in mindset among American travelers from "pandemic" to "endemic" travel finally may be underway."

Popular Destinations

This summer, Americans looking for a vacation will likely head to Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Canada. Travelers will seek more off-the-beaten-path locales to avoid the crowds during this year's summer vacation.

Friendly Advice

If you plan to travel this summer, too, then you should ensure that you take the help of a travel advisor or expert to help you plan a vacation you will love. It is also a smart idea to get travel insurance as new variants of COVID-19 are still popping up in different parts of the world (like China), and the COVID-19 threat is still there.

It would also be good to plan every step of your vacation to avoid uncertainties or overbooked hotels or flights, as you are not the only one with plans for this summer. Again, it would help if you planned everything well in advance to avoid facing on-the-spot rejections.



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