Here are 11 ways to spend less on gas you can try right now

The gas prices are soaring, and there seems to be no quick solution to this global problem. If you are getting frustrated with the recently hiked gas prices and want to save gas by reducing the costs, read on. Here are 11 ways to spend less on gas you can try right now.

1.       Plan your trips

Plan your trips and track the traffic to dodge slow-moving areas or accident-prone zones. Try to group your trips as much as possible and run multiple errands every time you take your vehicle out. Avoid rush hour to skip getting stuck in traffic.

2.       Practice proper vehicle maintenance

Keep your vehicle in good condition by doing preventive maintenance activities like cleaning the engine filters, topping up the brake fluids, and ensuring optimal tire pressure. A well-maintained vehicle will offer better mileage.

3.       Avoid hard braking and quick starts

When you use hard breaks or start your car quickly, it consumes more gas. So, avoid slamming the brakes and hitting the gas hard as much as possible.

4.       Use cruise control whenever possible

Fluctuations can hurt fuel efficiency. So, maintain a constant speed as much as possible. Most cars achieve maximum fuel efficiency at 80 or 90 km an hour. So, stick to those whenever possible.

5.       Avoid idling

Drop the habit of waiting for two or three minutes idle before driving your car out of the garage. Newer cars will be ready to be on-road within 15-30 seconds from starting the engine.

6.       Keep an eye on air conditioning

Air conditioning consumes a lot of gas. Make a habit of rolling down the windows before opting for air conditioning. Don't idle your car for too long in the summer months. Take off as soon as you can.

7.       Remove roof racks or storage devices

If your vehicle has roof racks or storage devices, you should take them off when they are not in use. If left there without purpose, they might create a drag on your car and negatively impact your fuel efficiency.

8.       Keep tabs on gas prices

Add gas to your car when the gas prices are comparatively lower, or look for gas stations that offer lucrative discounts. Keep an eye on the news to know when prices are due to rise or drop by a few cents to know when to fill gas.

9.       Look for loyalty programs

Several gas stations, banks, and other financial institutions often offer loyalty rewards or discounts. You should sign up for several of these to make the most of every discount.

10.   Find the best gas station

Do your research to find the best gas station in your vicinity that can help you to get gas at a discounted rate. Use apps to track gas prices and gas stations in your vicinity.

11.   Consider hypermiling

Hypermiling is the practice of maximizing fuel efficiency to the ultimate degree. You can do it in many ways, like choosing routes that require less braking and accelerating, park facing the sun to conserve energy spent on cleaning the windshield, and even cleaning out your trunk to lower the vehicle's weight.



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