Leaky Gucci and Adidas 'Sun Umbrella' Receives Social Media Flak

Gucci and Adidas, two of the most popular fashion houses that are known for dominating the sportswear arena, recently launched a costly umbrella in the Chinese market and received a lot of social media flak. Costing US$ 1,664, this umbrella failed to protect people from the rain.

Gucci's website never claimed that the umbrella, which is a part of the Adidas x Gucci line, would save anyone from the rain. According to the official Gucci website, "Part of the Adidas x Gucci line, this sun umbrella includes the Interlocking G and Trefoil design." The Web contrasts with the three white stripes. The GG emblem blends with the trefoil.

Having a carved birch-wood handle, green and red webs, and a G-shaped handle, the umbrella is not waterproof and can be used only for sun protection or decorative purposes. Gucci added, "Please note, this item is not waterproof and is meant for sun protection or decorative use."

The Design

The umbrella is made in Italy and drew inspiration from the 80s and 90s. The Gucci website explained the design of the website in detail. It reads- "Emblematic House's motifs mix with those of the historic sportswear brand Adidas resulting in a series of hybrid links." Focusing on describing the print, the website says. "The Web juxtaposes with the three white stripes, and the GG monogram combines with the trefoil." It has a carved birch-wood handle and includes eight ribs." Read more about the umbrella here.

Going Viral

The umbrella went viral on social media, and many people asked why an umbrella that can't even protect from the rain was being sold at such a high price. A hashtag on Weibo that translates to "the collaboration umbrella being sold for 11,100 yuan is not waterproof" has already got over 140 million views on Weibo, a platform not so different from Twitter.

The Reactions

Though the umbrella garnered many online comments, some of them are mentioned here. One social media user called the parasol "a very big but useless fashion statement." Another said, "As long as I'm poor, they won't be able to trick me into paying for this."

Some social media users highlighted why the umbrella might still be appealing. One user wrote, "Those who are willing to pay use luxury goods to show what they are worth. They don't care about practicality."

The Lucrative Market

China is a lucrative market for leading luxury brands. According to research by a renowned consulting firm, Bain & Co., China might become the world's largest luxury market by 2025 as the demand is constantly growing. Only last year, the country's sales of luxury goods increased by 36%.

Things are changing since Chinese President Xi Jinping's "common prosperity" campaign triggered a backlash against excess. There is a rise in criticism of luxury brands. It has been reported that Western brands have been struggling in China due to growing support for local companies and the boycott of other brands.






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