5 Simple Ways to Lose Belly Fat That Actually Work

Everyone focused on health knows that we all have belly fat. Some might have more than others. Even people with flat abs have belly fat. As long as it’s within the limit, belly fat won’t affect your health and well-being. However, it can pose many health risks if it’s beyond a certain limit. Some of the fat is easily visible, and some is deep inside your body and around your lungs, heart, liver, and other organs. The deeper fat is known as visceral fat and can be a big problem even for thin people. An excess of it can lead to health issues like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia, heart disease, and even cancers.

How Much Fat Should You Have?

If you want to know exactly how much fat you have, you can get a CT Scan or MRI done. A simpler and less expensive method is to use a measuring tape. As a woman, your waist size should be less than 35 inches, and as a man, it should be less than 40 inches. A measuring tape cannot detect how much visceral fat you have. How much visceral fat you have depends on your genes and your lifestyle.

5 Simple Ways to Lose Belly Fat That Actually Work

If you’ve got too much belly fat and you want to reduce it, here are 5 simple ways to lose fat that actually work.

1.       Control the Carbs

Many people think that counting calories is the way to reduce fat. They don’t understand that controlling carbs is also essential. If you control the carbs, you will have a higher quality of weight loss. The fat loss percentage was higher with the low-carb diet. Here are a few tips on reducing your carbs intake.

2.       Make an Eating Plan

Following a diet can only last for a few weeks to months. If you stop following the diet, you might get the fat back on your body. A better way is to make an eating plan that doesn’t include problem foods like high carb foods, sugar-laden foods, etc. and includes high-fiber and high-protein choices like healthy meats, beans, and vegetables.

3.       Keep Moving

Physical activity is the key to burning abdominal fat. It will help you work off belly fat by reducing circulating insulin levels. The amount of exercise a person needs to lose weight depends on their fitness goals. For most people, 30 to 60 minutes of vigorous exercise is enough to stay fit and keep the fat away.

4.       Lift Weights

You can also lift weights or try strength training exercises to lose existing fat. Even moderate strength training can help you burn more calories, build muscle mass and stay fitter.

5.       Track Food

It is also strongly recommended that you track the food you eat. It will help you ensure that you don’t overestimate or underestimate food intake. You don’t need to track your food every day. You can measure everything you eat once every few days. Also, plan your meals in advance to ensure that you don’t eat unhealthy foods impulsively.






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