Love Bombing: 11 Signs of Over-the-Top Love You Should Be Careful About

When you meet someone, you probably like the idea of being swept off your feet and having someone to shower you with a lot of affection and admiration. While there is no rule saying that you should not hope for or expect all that, you need to be careful about Love Bombing. In simple words, love bombing is not true love. It is a manipulation technique in which someone overwhelms you with loving actions, words, and behavior. Read on to know more about love bombing and 11 signs of over-the-top love you should be careful about.

Why is Love Bombing Used?

In the words of Shirin Peykar, MA, a licensed marriage and family therapist, Love Bombing “is often used to win over your trust and affection so that they can meet a goal of theirs.”

Top 11 Signs of Love Bombing

1.       Too Many Gifts

If someone is sending you over the top or too expensive gifts without any reason and not accepting your refusal to accept them, then it’s a warning sign. This could be a ploy to make you think you owe them something.

2.       Too Many Compliments

Someone might try to love bomb you by offering too many compliments. No one is perfect, and if someone is telling you that they love everything about you, they are love bombing you.

3.       Too Many Calls and Texts

A person trying to love bomb you would want to talk with you all the time. They will constantly chat and call you. If the communication is too one-sided or increasingly overwhelming, you need to be alert.

4.       They Seek Undivided Attention

If someone wants you to give them all your attention and gets angry or pouts when you spend time with others, it’s a red flag.

5.       Too Much Focus on Being Your Soulmate

When someone is constantly trying to tell you that you are soulmates and their justifications seem unreal, you should know it’s a manipulation tactic.

6.       Rushing a Commitment

If you have just met someone and they want you to commit and want it done quickly, it’s another huge warning sign. Real relationships take time to develop.

7.       No Respect for Boundaries

When you try to tell this person about boundaries like no touching your phone, and they don’t respect that, you need to step back.

8.       They Need You All the Time

No one needs just one person all the time. If they say they need you all the time, they are probably faking it.

9.       They Introduce You to Important People Quickly

If someone introduces you to important people, like their mom, in just a few days, you need to reconsider what they are doing and where your relationship is headed.

10.   They Try to Be What You Expect

A person trying very hard to be your prince charming or the girl of your dream will probably be faking it. You need to be cautious of that.

11.   Your Gut Feeling Says So

Another vital thing you need to remember is to trust your gut feelings. If you feel like you have to fake something not to hurt their feelings, you are likely love bombed.

If you think you are being love-bombed, please don’t blame yourself. Just talk things through or end the relationship. Do whatever is good for you and your self-respect. Remember, relationships shouldn’t be based on manipulation.



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