Sabrina Sapal Releases EDM Hit for TMC's Mainstream Debut

Winning Circle starlette, Sabrina Sapal of Los Angeles/Toronto, has once again come through for her millions of listeners around the world with her latest release, Kiss Goodbye.  Marking TMC Record Worldwide's mainstream (English EDM) debut, Sabrina's powerful vocal and video performance has captivated well over 60,000 listeners in the first week.  Building on a theme that can be universally appreciated, the song's composer, producer, and director, BNS' very own Jasmine K Kara, has cast Sabrina in a cathartic breakup sequence for this song.  From the silk-like vocals and relatable narrative to the ground-shaking drop, we could neither get over the catchy tune of Kiss Goodbye, nor take our eyes off the incredible music video!  

When we asked Sabrina what her favourite part about shooting the video was, she had a few fond memories to share.  Among these top moments was the fun she had shooting the glamorous "gold room" scenes at Toronto's ABCi studios; she recollected the charming hospitality of studio host, Zaka .  Another favourite included shooting with real raindrops and fire, arranged indoors by Toronto's Eye Studios.  Finally, Sabrina reflected - with palpable sentiment - on the warmth and support of the crew that brought this latest release into fruition.  

Watching the video, featured on Jasmine K Kara's Vevo, we were left with no doubts about the synergy Sabrina expressed in her review of the production experience.  The lyrics, acting, and editing all flow in perfect harmony with the skillfully produced track.  This compatible teamwork comes as no surprise, as Kiss Goodbye is the second collaboration between Sabrina and Jasmine.  The pair first came together to work on TMC's debut release of the Hindi/English pop song, Ishq.  

As the outstanding performance and team effort of Sabrina and the TMC crew continues to draw listeners from every continent, we have received news that Sabrina and Jasmine will be joining with an acclaimed Bollywood / UK producer for the official Ishq Remix.  More information about this highly anticipated upcoming release can be expected by June of 2022.  

With the kind of talent that has caught the attention of millions of everyday listeners and music icons, alike, we expected nothing less than the unforgettable performance Sabrina has brought with the recently released English EDM track, Kiss Goodbye.  If you haven't heard the song yet, you're missing out!  Take a listen or view the cinematic music video at the following links:

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Check out the music video, here:

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