Unraveling the Truth- Why Chicken is Getting So Expensive?

If you prefer non-vegetarian food, you might have noticed that chicken is getting more expensive than usual. If so, you should know there are many reasons for it. One of the reasons is the supply chain disruption caused by the pandemic. Read on to know more about why chicken is getting so expensive.

The Rise

According to the USDA Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry Outlook for May 2022, poultry production has increased following the supply chain disruptions during the pandemic. Even the prices have increased. An increase in production costs, especially fuel and feed, have led to an increase in grocery store prices for consumers.

Alan Nieder, who runs Heartland Hatchery near Amsterdam, stated that he would need to increase the process of pullets and chicks soon if the trend continues. He said, "My expenses are through the roof. We haven't raised our prices this year, but we will next year if grain prices stay as high as it is."

The Strain

Another problem highlighted by Nieder the industry faced in the spring was an outbreak of avian flu. The USDA has shared that the national egg supplies had been impacted by a strain that caused millions of birds' deaths. Talking about that, Nieder said, "I'm hoping it's past us. There's been a lot of laying chickens destroyed. The stores aren't full of eggs like they used to be."

Feed Issues

One more reason for the rising chicken costs is the rise in feed costs. The feed usually means wheat or soya or even sunflower oil spin-off. The feed prices have been rising as a result of stopped working harvests last summertime and the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Here’s more on chicken feed.

Kynan Massey, the handling supervisor of Massey Bros feed company, stated, "Russia and Ukraine are in charge of a quarter of wheat exported around the world. If the dispute continues, we could see costs carrying on climbing, as well as in Europe the completely dry weather condition is affecting expenses as well."

Transportation Costs and Other Issues

The transfer of birds is usually done in crates, and these crates are transferred by a vehicle. The rising fuel costs mean that transportation also costs more than usual. Finding the right driver for the job is also a challenge. The wages of drivers and far workers have also increased due to a shortage of skilled people. Higher compensation is offered to lure and retain the workers like drivers or farmworkers.

Chicken farmer James Mottershead said, "The reality is that when you have a shortage, people can name their rates."

Another concern worth noting is that most chickens are eliminated using gas like carbon dioxide, but the gas prices are also rising.

The costs of fertilizers are also increasing. As Russia is a key manufacturer of key components required for fertilizer, and the situation is uncertain there, the costs are up.

The cost of packaging is also rising. It contributes to rising chicken prices as well.

As you can see, many factors are driving the prices of chickens, and due to that, you can't expect the prices to lower anytime soon.







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