Artificial Intelligence Gurus are Leaving Big Tech to Work With These Buzz-Creating Start-Ups

The top artificial intelligence gurus are quitting their cushy jobs at top tech giants like Meta, Google, DeepMind, and Open AI to join buzz-creating start-ups like Cohere, Inflection, Anthropic and Adept. The poaching and hiring have become easier thanks to the backing of venture capital firms and billionaires who want to cash in on any success they have. The firms have raised more than $1 billion and are using it to hire skilled resources by paying them more. Read on to know more about these start-ups and their success.

Ø  Inflection AI

Though this start-up was founded in March and has less than ten employees, it has raised more than $225 million. It is focused on making AI products that make it simpler for humans to communicate with computers. DeepMind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman leads it. He left his VP of AI product management and AI policy role at Google. The start-up co-founders include LinkedIn billionaire Reid Hoffman and former DeepMind researcher Karen Simonyan.

Suleyman has already hired former colleagues like Former DeepMinder Heinrich Kuttler, who last worked as a research engineering manager at Meta AI in London. Also, Joe Fenton left his senior product manager role at Google to become a founding team member at Inflection. Even Rewon Child, a former Google Brain and OpenAI researcher, joined Inflection and Maarten Bosma also left a lucrative job as a research engineer at Google.

Ø  Cohere

Cohere, another budding start-up founded in Toronto in 2019 by Aidan Gomez, Ivan Zhang, and Nick Frosst, is also doing well. It has raised around $170 million and wants to create an interface that allows software developers to use complicated AI technology on their apps.

AI luminaries and DeepMind alums Ed Grefenstette and Phil Blunsom have joined this firm recently. As Grefenstette is an honorary professor at UCL and Blunsom is a professor at Oxford, they will find more fresh recruits soon.

Ø  Anthropic

This start-up is led by OpenAI’s former VP of research, Dario Amodei, and describes itself as an AI safety and research company. The company wants to build “reliable interpretable, and steerable AI systems.” Many ex-OpenAI employees, including Jack Clark, Tom Brown, Sam McCandlish, and Daniela Amodei, have joined Anthropic.

Despite being launched in 2021, the firm has previously secured $124 million from investors. Recently, it raised another $580 million in April and has a 41-member team.

Ø  Adept

Last on the list is Adept AI Labs, which was co-founded by CEO David Luan (A former director at Google Research and VP of engineering at OpenAI), Ashish Vaswani (A former staff research scientist at Google Brain), and Niki Parmar (formerly a staff research scientist at Google Brain).

The company has raised $65 million within a few months of its launch and aims to build general intelligence that enables humans to work together creatively. It aims to create an AI assistant that workers can collaborate with to solve any problem. The company wants to make its AI technology accessible to all in the medium term.


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