Bridging the Digital Divide at Asia Tech x Singapore

Today's global leaders are dealing with huge problems like post-pandemic health care, energy transition, and economic recovery. Asia's leaders also need to identify ways to harness the power of technology to deal with changes that affect their nations and their people. In such a situation, the upcoming Asia Tech x Singapore event is being organized at the right time.

This flagship event will bring together leaders and innovators from industry and government to discuss different ways in which technology will shape the shared digital future. The event's location is Singapore, which seems to be the right choice as it's the gateway to the world's fastest-growing digital economies. It is also a country at the forefront of innovation and tech adoption.

The regional progress in making the most of opportunities presented by technology is amazing. About 40 million new internet users came online last year. Now, the internet penetration rate in South-Ease Asia is 75%. So, the region has 440 million internet users.

Tech advancements and rising digital adoption have also led to a growing digital divide and massive variation in digital inclusion levels. It's time for leaders to harness the potential and benefits of digital transformation and close the digital divide as well as the economic gaps this creates for individuals.

One of the things leaders should remember is that they shouldn't work alone or individually. The countries shouldn't adopt different approaches to regulating technology as it won't lead to the growth of an inclusive digital economy.

The leaders need to ensure regional cooperation and exchange to maximize the benefits of tech. Regional coherence on strategies, systems, and policies can play a key role in boosting cross-border public services and e-commerce in the region.

The leaders also have a clear incentive. It is estimated that if there is an increased investment in digital integration, which is backed by a consolidated and coordinated Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) approach, it could add up to $0.8–$1 trillion to the region's GDP by 2025.

Metaverse Will be Highlighted

Another thing you need to look forward to at the Asia Tech x Singapore event is Metaverse. Even the buzzword, Web 4, is something people need to look forward to. This buzzword is fueled by the pandemic and Facebook.

Nina Xiang, who is the co-founder, and CEO of China Money Network, a platform following China's smart investments and technology innovation, thinks that we will see the Metaverse riding on the tailcoats of the internet. Eventually, we will also see Metaverse mirroring the characteristics of the internet's power map of today.

During the Asia Tech x Singapore event, some other interesting and attention-worthy topics would be cyber security, artificial intelligence, data, and the cloud. The focus will also be on the inaugural Asia Satellite Business Week.

Have you heard of the Asia Tech x Singapore event? Which topics of the event interest you the most, cyber security or Metaverse, or something else entirely? Share your views in the comments section below.



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