Oscars Organization Has Named Bill Kramer as the New CEO

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced on Tuesday that Bill Kramer would be the Chief Executive of the academy after the departure of Dawn Hudson. She has led the academy for 11 years. She will remain with the academy as an advisor during the transition. Kramer will take on the new responsibility on July 18. A new museum director will also be announced soon.

As the Chief Executive, Kramer will lead over 10,000 members of the organization. He will oversee the Oscars and the institution’s archival collections- the Academy Museum and the group’s education and emerging talent initiatives.

In a statement, Kramer said, “It is the great honor of my career to take on the role as CEO of the Academy. I deeply believe in the power and artistry of cinema. I so look forward to galvanizing the unparalleled assets of the Academy — the Oscars, our global community of more than 10,000 Academy members, and our museum, library, and archive — to promote and elevate the arts and sciences of the movies and inspire the next generation of filmmakers.”

Academy President David Rubin credited Kramer’s stewardship of the museum when he stated, “Bill Kramer has been a transformational leader in establishing the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures as a beacon for movie lovers and a manifestation of everything the Academy represents and celebrates. His vision for the Academy’s future is likewise bold and inspiring, and our governors have agreed he is the ideal choice to lead at this pivotal moment for the organization. We believe Bill has the ability to bring together all corners of the motion picture community, and we’re thrilled to have him in this role to elevate the organization and unite our global membership.”

The Challenges

With new roles come new responsibilities. So Kramer can also expect challenges. One of the biggest challenges would be safeguarding the future of the Academy Awards. They have been suffering due to a decline in ratings and existential anxieties over the movies themselves.

Even in the 2022 Oscars, the ugly controversy that occurred when Will Smith struck Chris Rock onstage will need to be forgotten with better award ceremonies in the next few years.

The recent changes in the show’s format, like awarding eight technical and short film categories in the hour before the live show began, have also not been welcomed by all. These changes sparked weeks of bitter protest within the academy, including from some of the most prominent filmmakers of the industry, such as Jane Campion, Steven Spielberg, and James Cameron.

Kramer received unanimous support from the organization’s Board of Governors for the new position.

Talking about the appointment of Bill Kramer as her replacement, Hudson said, “I’ve worked with Bill for close to a decade, and no executive is more innovative, more connected to artists, or more passionate about the opportunities that lie ahead than he is. The Academy and the Academy Museum are in the best of hands.”






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