Is Being Instagrammable Now a Cost of Doing Business?

Social media is a tool we are all aware of. But with time, the need for social media has changed for businesses. Now, every business needs to be Instagrammable or Instagram-worthy to catch the attention of new customers and retain the existing ones. Read on to find the answer to the important question- is being instagrammable now a cost of doing business.

Expert Speaks

Heather Thomson, executive director of the University of Albert's School of Retailing, said, "We have this global market at our fingertips, literally. And so, as consumers, we are just going to be spoiled by all this choice. [For businesses], esthetics are not a nice to have, they are a cost of staying in the game now."

She also said that consumers are picky about where they spend their time and money. So, having an esthetically pleasing social media page could be essential for businesses to get an edge over their competitors, especially businesses that target younger, more tech-savvy consumers.

Thomson stated, "They are wanting to connect in an organic and authentic way, and Instagram is a huge part of that." She added that more people would post pictures online and promote businesses if a space is photogenic. She stated, "All of a sudden, people are doing your own marketing for you for free. And we're seeing this with murals in back alleys, we're seeing this with restaurants."

Being honest, Thomson stated that a business can sell a great product or experience today, but without an online presence, customers will move on to the next, prettier place.

What is Being Instagrammable?

If you haven't been social media savvy in the last few years, you might ask what it means to be Instagrammable? According to the urban dictionary and Gen Z, a place or an image is Instagrammable if it is worthy of uploading on Instagram. This evaluation is subjective, driven by social convention, like other trends.

UGC Matters

Being Instagrammable is important for businesses because it helps increase user-generated content like photos, reviews, shares, likes, tweets, and comments. Here are a few reasons why organizations should care about UGC.

Ø  Build Trust

UGC helps people to know that your business is trustworthy and authentic. In fact, it is considered more authentic than the content created by organizations themselves.

Ø  Better Engagement

UGC helps boost a brand's engagement with the audience. Better engagement can lead to better traffic to the website and an increase in customers.

Ø  It's Cost-Effective

Yes, making your business and business establishment instagrammable will cost you. But it's a cost-effective marketing method that can be as cheap as traditional marketing methods. You just have to focus on aesthetics and ensure everyone knows how Instagrammable you are.

Ø  Access to Data

Being instagrammable will also help you access a large amount of useful data. You can use this data to know your customers and their tastes and preferences in a better manner. Read more about UGC here.

Don't wait. Make your business Insta-worthy today!



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