Tourism Officials Are Expecting a Summer Boom in Montreal

Montreal has always been one of the most exciting tourist places in Canada. It welcomed a record-breaking 11 million visitors in 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic. Then tourism was hit by the pandemic. There is a lot of hope for the revival of tourism in Montreal as tourism officials expect eight million visitors in 2022. Read on to know more.

It is estimated that most of the visitors will be from Canada itself, and many will be from the US. It is a fact that US tourists are the largest group of international visitors that traditionally spend more than other tourists.

Rise of Hotel Bookings

According to Jean-Sébastien Boudreault, President of the Greater Hotel Association of Greater Montreal, hotel bookings might reach 70-80% of full capacity. Some visitors have already arrived in the city and are enjoying the liberty of traveling again.

Tourists Speak

Barbara Kostick, a tourist from Alberta who was traveling with her husband, expressed her views on traveling again and stated, “Everybody needs to get back out and get doing things, get visiting things and seeing people.”

Americans prefer Montreal to travel and enjoy a lot. Peter Healey, a tourist from Rhode Island who was traveling with his wife, stated, “We were looking for a place to go. We’ve never been to Montreal, we’ve been to Quebec many, many times but never to Montreal. We decided to come and check it out, and it’s a beautiful day, so it was a good choice.”

A Revenue Generator

The tourism industry is a key part of Montreal’s economy. It is a multi-billion dollar business that generates huge revenues for the city’s economy. The International Jazz Festival and Formula 1 Grand-Prix are two huge events that attract tourists and help boost business profits. As both events are expected to be back this year, thousands of tourists will also follow.

Glenn Castanheria, The Executive Director of Montréal Centre-Ville, is thrilled that the events are back and millions of tourists are heading to Montreal as its one of the most popular destinations this summer. Castanheria stated, “Tourisme-Montréal has noticed an incredible increase in searches for flights to Montreal, and on their website to know the programming to know what’s happening in the city.”

Though 2022 might not be able to break the previous tourist records, this will likely be a strong year and boost tourism considerably. Castanheria said, “We’re cautiously optimistic and also very grateful.” Castanheria said.

Future Hope

Operators are hoping the trend of returning tourists will continue over the next few months. Robert Costa, Montreal Tour Guide for Gray Line, stated, “We are still in May, but I do think this coming summer is going to be much more busy.”

Tourism to restaurants has risen in the spring, and the hope for the future is better. Alain Creton, Owner of Alexandre et Fils, stated, “I expect that it’s going to continue, and it’s going to be like that all summer because we are ready.”

Places to Check Out in Montreal

If you are heading to Montreal too, add the following places to your list:

·       Mont-Royal Park

·       Notre-Dame Basilica

·       Vieux-Montreal

·       Jardin Botanique

·       Oratoire Saint-Joseph

·       Parc Jean Drapeau

·       Musée des Beaux-Arts

Here are more things to do in Montreal.



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