A Walk Through Collision Tech Conference 2022

As technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, crypto currency, XR, and varieties of web and mobile applications become a staple of innovation and longevity in every industry, the popularity and importance of Collision, one of the world's largest tech conferences, seems to grow with every year.  Alternatively referred to as "Web Summit," this annual speaker series and networking event draws ten of thousands of attendees from around the world, including leaders of revolutionary startups and established tech giants, investors, students, media and simply-curious visitors, alike.  Brought to Toronto for a limited time by Irish CEO, Paddy Cosgrave, Collision is an event that Toronto locals - and those in surrounding areas - cannot afford to miss; this is especially true for anyone that is interested in tech, entrepreneurship, innovation, meeting potential partners or investors, or even those that are simply looking for inspiration.  With the recent close of the 2022 conference, we look forward to attending in 2023, as Mayor Tory has secured hosting for this exciting event to take place in Toronto for a third year

For those that missed the 2022 conference, we invite you to play the video, below, to join BNS' Jasmine Kara on a virtual walk-through of Collision.  Part of this tour includes a peak at Walmart's new incubator, Blue Labs, which, unveiled at Collision,  is now open to youth that are interested in providing sustainable solutions.  Along the tour, you will also get to see many of the vibrant displays and learn about other fascinating applications and initiatives developed through Impro.ai, Renderforest, Between, WealthyPlanet, the city of Kingston, and even the state of Florida

Find out more about the companies from this video by visiting the following links:

Impro.ai: https://impro.ai/

Renderforest: https://www.renderforest.com/

WealthyPlanet: https://www.wealthyplanet.com/

Walmart Blue Labs Innovation Challenges and Incubator (also open to youth): click here

Enterprise Florida: https://www.enterpriseflorida.com/

City of Kingston: https://www.cityofkingston.ca/business/business-support

We hope you enjoyed this virtual tour of Collision, and we look forward to being your guide for - or perhaps seeing you at - the next Collision Conference in 2023 !

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