Brittany Kaiser Encourages Youth to Join Her Virtual Currency Fundraiser for Ukraine

 In a recent press Q&A at Collision Tech Conference in Toronto, we received an unconventional fundraising invitation from Brittany Kaiser, a brilliant young data whiz who has become a tech celebrity after her role in the Cambridge Analytica documentary.  

Hessi Jones (Forbes), Brittany Kaiser (Own Your Data Foundation), Olive Allen (NFT Artist), Jasmine Kara (BNS News) - Collision Conference, Toronto, Canada, June 23, 2022

Sharing an impassioned appeal for the public to join her highly innovative and rapidly effective crypto and NFT fundraising campaign for Ukraine, Kaiser was quick to provide encouragement and solutions when asked about possible youth contributions to this campaign.  Joining Kaiser in sharing this message was Olive Allen, an NFT Artist and active advocate in this fundraising initiative.  

In the following press conference footage from June 23rd, 2022, we hear a a thorough account from Kaiser on the shocking efficiency of raising millions of dollars in value through crypto currency, the merits of blockchain systems, ways for donors to contribute, and how the mass of raised funds has already served to help those facing crisis in the Ukraine:

In this special message sent to youth through correspondence with BNS' press representative, Jasmine Kara, Kaiser and Allen, together, motivate young listeners with digital art proficiencies to transfer their skills into the context of NFT creation for the purpose of benefitting victims of the war on Ukraine:

If you are interested in contributing to Kaiser and Allen's crypto and NFT fundraising initiative, which has already brought in over $60 million USD in benefit to Ukraine's victims, you can visit this link:

To share the message or follow posts on the fundraiser, you can use the following hashtag: #HelpUkraineWithCrypto

With this new method of fundraising that is open to donors of all ages, and, which is kept traceable with blockchain systems, it seems that Brittany Kaiser, founder of the Own Your Data Foundation, has once again shown the world how data can be leveraged to wield significant social impact.  


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