Female-Led New Brunswick Law Group Offers Support to Individuals in Legal Difficulty

Often, we need to feel that we are not alone in our struggles, and we need someone to lend support and understanding. In terms of divorce and criminal defense, J. Donovan Law Group already knows the high stress individuals can go through alone, and they strive to provide their best empathetic yet professional and headstrong support all the way through this difficult process. If you haven’t already heard of this unique Boutique Law Firm operated by a powerhouse and family-like group of women, you should definitely check out J. Donovan Law Group!

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This special boutique law firm is composed of a team of 13 professionals with a key focus on family law and criminal defense. Whether property law, personal injury, breach of contract or defending people who have been sued, J. Donovan Law Group handles all cases with a headstrong, confident and knowledgeable attitude. These attributes plus negotiating good settlements for their clients are the essential elements in what J. Donovan Law Group represents. Their reputation for their services has led to a strong demand in high-conflict custody cases, complex support, and division of property matters. 

They have 21 years of litigation experience throughout the entire Province of New Brunswick with clients in Edmundston, Woodstock, Miramichi, and each of the major cities. The lawyers are also known for being successful at the Court of Appeal. In 2019 they added mediation support to their services after a popular demand from clients that did not need to go to court or refused to resolve their legal matters with a Judge.


With every complex case, there is nothing these lawyers cannot accomplish! D. Radford comments in what has become a popular Google review: “My wife and I used J Donovan Law Group's services when we sold our home. Spencer was extremely professional and a pleasure to deal with. Jill was also amazing! Highly recommended.”

Real Estate law, representing buyers and sellers, is one of the many services that they offer. They also offer: wedding officiants, mediation, family law, assistance with adoptions and surrogacies, criminal defense, help with wills and estates, and civil litigation.

Throughout the services they offer, they also show how they go above and beyond through their empathy and support. Their comfort during these pressing and stressful times is definitely taken into account by a countless number of their clients. One of the popular Google reviews from Tanya Arseneault written a year ago stated, 

J Donovan Law Group is by FAR the best law firm I've had the pleasure of dealing with! I've dealt with others in the past in regards to custody issues, so I've seen a few types of law firms and I can say that I will be using Jennifer and her firm for anything legal in the future. They make you feel like family from the minute you step inside and you can really tell that they care about their clients and making sure you are completely informed about any decisions you may have to take and getting the absolute best for you. I never doubted for a moment that the team wasn't doing their absolute best for me. Highly recommend if you're looking for results in a timely manner!”  

Kind support paired with their fierce professional competency has definitely left an attractive impression on past and future clients. 

Building that safe space while keeping a headstrong professional demeanour is also one of their noticeable strengths. Fast forwarding to just a few weeks ago, Beth Crowell comments in her Google Review: 

We had to use J. Donovan Law Group with a legal matter involving former staff members, and they went above and beyond in both their services and their advice. I always felt comfortable speaking with them and it was actually a physical sigh of relief to be talking with somebody who knew what we were going through. Would highly recommend them.”

J. Donovan Law Group’s approach in building a strong support system while also getting the job done is what makes them stand out the most.  Their awards are a great signifier of this standard.  They were voted Best Lawyers in 2021 by Fredericton Community Votes.  With a focus on the influential leader who made this all possible, Jennifer Donovan is rated amongst the top 3 best divorce lawyers in Fredericton by the ThreeBestRated, while also being CBRB verified.

The acclaimed lawyers at J. Donovan Law Group  offer #theboutiquedifference to every client, which consists of fast service, frequent and regular contact, service after hours, on weekends and during holidays, customized Retainer Agreements and welcome packages, as well as same-day appointments.  Follow them on Instagram or check out their website to take advantage of one of the many give-aways they offer to their clients.  This is just another perk available to those in need of support, courtesy of J. Donovan Law Group. 


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