Pre-owned Luxury Cars From Toronto Auto Brokers Are Proving to Be an Investment

With the value of used luxury cars on the rise, this is the time to put your hard-earned dollars where you can really enjoy them. According to the Price Index, since December 2021, demand for used luxury vehicles has been on the rise .  Not only have pre-owned vehicles been holding their value, but they have also been proving to be an appreciating investment. With the growing demand for used luxury cars on the market, Toronto Auto Brokers (TAB) has maintained a reputation of consistency in offering top-tier quality and unfaltering supply in their inventory selection.  TAB has you covered so you can drive around town in style while holding onto the value of your investment! 

Toronto Auto Brokers (TAB) has solutions for you at every step along the journey of obtaining your dream luxury vehicle. Family owned and operated, Toronto Auto Brokers extends their warm hospitality towards their clients. With a wealth of experience in working with clients from various financial backgrounds, these brokers do not hesitate to assist as patiently and effectively as they can.   They offer a number of helpful services that make them stand out in the dealership industry, some of which include: Instant Trade Appraisal, all-around support from finance experts, flexible payment methods, Canada-wide shipping, and a 30-day warranty. Visit the impressive  Vaughan showroom and you will see why Toronto Auto Brokers won the award for Vaughan’s Top Choice Pre-Owned Luxury Car Dealership of 2022!

On their easy-navigation website, to look through their car inventory, you can search for any used or new luxury vehicle from their car dealership. You can even look for a specific car under the ‘CarFinder’ section of the inventory tab. If you are concerned about the car exceeding your budget, there is also a payment calculator section that shows you the results of how much you would be able to spend, affordably, with an instalment plan. These instalment plans can give you the flexibility to pay off car loans monthly, weekly or biweekly, factoring down payment options and other related fees.

Along with a display of their wide range of popular inventory and a handy finance-planning feature, there is a section on their website to showcase their latest arrivals, as well.  In case any one of these well-priced four-wheeled beauties catches your interest, you can either visit their chic Vaughan showroom in-person or request online or phone-in assistance from the convenience of your home.  

Better yet, this car dealership doesn’t just sell new and pre-owned luxury cars, but they are also reputed as reliable buyers and traders for those that want to sell or trade in their luxury cars. Fast like their elite selection of vehicles, Toronto Auto Brokers provides a no-obligation quote online, in-person, or by phone to arrange the buy-out of your car for cash within a mere few business hours! 

If this sounds appealing but you are on a budget or far from their location, there is an inclusive  finance application on their website to apply for financial services - even for buyers outside of Ontario.  Some solutions include options like financing. private sales, and refinancing of existing loans. With the number of households that have had detrimental impact on credit due to the recent pandemic closures, Toronto Auto Brokers provides relief and understanding; they don’t solely focus on customers who have perfect credit scores, and they are always prepared to consider the unique needs of each client that comes in with credit challenges. 

Considering the number of awards this dealership has received from consumer nomination, it is clear that they have the right policies in place to secure community trust.  Their warranty lasts for 30 days from the date of purchasing the luxury vehicle, and within 1000km of use.

There also arrange for limited-time incentives to extend their appreciation to clients, such as the following generous offer, available until July 31, 2022:

"TAB Loyalty Program
This month only, returning customers are eligible for a $1000 discount on ANY in-stock car!

Also get a 10% discount for add-ons like warranties, tires, and electronics."

The consistent contentment of Toronto Auto Brokers' clients is evident in the reviews left for the hard-working sales team across multiple social platforms:

On Google, along with submitting a five-star rating, Sikander Singh said: "Amazing service by Mr. Ben Qita , very fast and responsive at all times . Gets the job done with no hassle . Got me approved with a very tough credit . Honest and trustworthy . Thanks Ben and Toronto Auto Brokers for making my dream come true ☺️"

In another review, David Tran commented: "What a wonderful experience is very attentive to customer's needs and they satisfied all my requests. Very polite and very professional." 

Last, but certainly not least, First Health offered the following praise: "Amazing experience with Ben. He was fast, efficient, very kind, & even added a bonus surprise at the end which I was super happy about. Thank you Ben and will shop again!". 

Seeing that their customer service is regularly reviewed as efficient, inviting, and rewarding is certainly a reason to put buyers at ease. 

With all these telling reviews reflecting upon the favorable performance and proven reliability Toronto Auto Broker has offered their buyers and sellers, it is safe to say that a pre-owned vehicle investment can be trusted in the hands of their team.  If you would like to find out more about Toronto Auto Brokers or if you would like to inquire about options for your car buying or selling needs, give them a call, email or visit their website:


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