World Brain Day: 6 Key Ways to Preserve Brain Health

The human mind is one of the essential organs as it is accountable for how your body works. Your brain is responsible for many crucial functions like making you feel hungry, controlling your temper, digestion, metabolism, hormonal capabilities, and responding to external stimuli. Here are 6 key ways to preserve brain health and a list of foods that might help boost it.

1.       Have a Healthy Food Regimen

If you want to boost your brain health, you should have a healthy diet that consists of fresh fruits and vegetables. They help your mind to perform well and help in decreasing oxidative injury to the mind.

2.       Control Medical Dangers

To have a healthy brain, you need to sustain good blood strain, control blood sugars and cholesterol levels, and reduce your alcohol consumption, as they are medical dangers that can harm your brain health. Also, go for regular medical checkups to ensure that your mind is working well and that you don’t have brain-related disorders.

3.       Sleep and Rest Well

Make sure you have an ample sleep and rest every night to rejuvenate your mind and energize it for the next day. When you have had ample sleep and rest, your temper will be steady, there will be fewer feelings of melancholy, and it will also improve reminiscence.

4.       Stimulate Your Mind

To maintain good psychological health, you need to stay mentally active and do actions stimulating your mind like cracking puzzles, playing mind games, etc. When you stimulate your mind regularly, it will ensure that your probability of getting dementia reduces.

5.       Have a Social Life

Every person needs to have a social life and interact with others to boost their brain health. When you indulge in wholesome and constructive conversations, it will help reduce the prospect of melancholy and make you feel better, whether you realize it or not.

6.       Do Physical Activities

To boost your brain health, you need to remain physically active and do some exercises. It also helps with boosting learning capacity and helps in preserving your mood.

7.       Try These Foods

A popular saying goes, “you are what you eat.” So, you must focus on what you are eating if you want a healthy mind. Here are a few suggestions that might help.

Ø  Dark Chocolates

Dark chocolates are loaded with flavonoids, a brain-boosting compound. So, they help you have a healthy and happy brain. Dark chocolates can also help enhance your memory and mood because flavonoids are known to be the best caretaker of the brain.

Ø  Coffee

Having a few sips of this delicious liquid can help clear your mind. It is essential during a stressful or tiring day. The caffeine and antioxidants present in coffee can enhance your brain health. Coffee also alerts your brain and helps produce feel-good hormones like dopamine, enhancing your mood.

Ø  Eggs

Choline in eggs can help you regulate your mood, and the Vitamin can promote proper brain functioning. Choline also helps maintain communication between your brain cells.


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