Chrysler Reveals Canadian-Made Gas-Powered 300C Sedan for a Brighter Electric Future

The biggest car show in North America was halted for two years due to the pandemic. It resumed recently at Michigan's Motor City. One of the most appealing reveals for Canadians came when Chrysler announced plans to reboot the 300 sedan. It will be made in its plant in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

Starting with the 2023 model year, the company plans to make around 200 cars for the US market and just 200 for Canada. Chrysler's Brampton facility also makes gas-powered Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger vehicles.

The first 300 was launched in 2005 and saw strong sales for about a decade before demand started to reduce as smaller, and more fuel-efficient models became more popular. The last version of the 300 was produced some time in 2020.

Chrysler Brand CEO Christine Feuell said, "This is the last model year for the 300. We really wanted to give our 300 enthusiasts something to celebrate, as we sunset this version. We're hoping to build up enough inventory to have some stock sales for some time ... until the new product launches."

The new car will mostly be electric as the company plans that in the future, like most other automakers. The first battery electric car will be released in 2025. Chrysler wants to offer only electric-powered vehicles and say goodbye to internal combustion engines within seven years.

Feuell stated, "Our transition really starts in the next couple of years as we migrate to full electrification."

The displays at the recent auto show in Detroit had familiar brand names that car buyers have seen and known for years. But it also had many newcomers, which gave a glimpse of the electric future of the auto industry.

One of the newcomers that have gained a lot of attention is a Detroit-based startup called Plug Zen. It grabbed the highlight when it showed off its lineup of charging stations and infrastructure. Another name that has gained the attention of car lovers is Harbinger Motors. The name is quite apt as it is the maker of electric vehicle vans. The company's lineup gives a glimpse of what's to come for delivery trucks.

One more name that's worthy of attention is Blue Arc. It showed off a portable car charger that can be powered by solar or wind. If it becomes popular, it might help relieve the pressure on the electrical grid if it becomes overloaded.

The company's CEO, Eric Fisher, stated, "The unit is designed to be dropped off at any location at any given time to be able to do charging within minutes. Think of it like a mobile gas station."

Car enthusiasts should also know that the truck unit of Swedish brand Volvo has also announced plans for six new electric-powered trucks. It is also aiming to make half its fleet electric by the decade's end.

There might be multiple variants of the BEV models. It might also include three different power ratings.



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