A Winning Collaboration: Rishi Rich, Jasmine K Kara, and Sabrina Sapal Bring Us an Unforgettable Remix

Previously, we updated our readers with news about Winning Circle starlette, Sabrina Sapal (Los Angeles) , collaborating with BNS' very own editor, Jasmine Kara (also known as Jasmine K Kara), for a groovy tune called, "Ishq (Love);" to the delight of millions of fans worldwide, the two recently teamed up with  award-winning Bollywood music producer, Rishi Rich, to deliver the official remix of their super-popular urban Asian track.  Instantly accumulating hundreds of thousands of views, the song was an immediate hit, topping radio station charts across Europe and North America within the first few days of release.  For all the die-hard Rishi Rich fans, we've got terrific news; we have an exclusive interview with the music maestro, himself coming soon to Winner Magazine.  First, here's more on his incredibly catchy new release, The Ishq (Rishi Rich) Remix:

Read Sabrina Sapal's interview for Winner Magazine: link

This track marked a particularly profound milestone in Jasmine K Kara's music career, as she got the world dancing with her vocal debut on this bouncy Rishi Rich production.  Kara shares that it was always her dream to work with Rishi Rich, who is known as a pioneer of Asian-R&B fusion music.  Rishi Rich has been credited for launching British Asian superstars that have gone on to achieve mainstream success; some of these well-known names include Jay Sean, Juggy D, Veronica Mehta, and Mumzy Stranger.  

source: https://www.discogs.com/release/2546150-Rishi-Rich-Project-Dance-With-You

Within days of "The Ishq (Rishi Rich) Remix" release, the song was featured on such popular radio stations as Sunrise Radio and BBC Radio, and there were a lineup of interview requests for Kara from international radio hosts, news reporters,  and vloggers, alike.  For fans wanting to hear from the rising star, herself, some recent appearances include an interview on the Urban Star series with charismatic personality, Akshay, for Sabras Radio (link) and a chat with the charming show host, Haimanti, for Unity Radio (link).  Soon to be playback ready are also interviews with Sapreet of Universal Radio (available soon at this link) and Sand of Spice FM (available soon at this link) .  Fans can read about Kara's music taste and other fun facts in her interview for the UK's "The Eastern Eye" newspaper (link to read).   Jasmine K Kara has mentioned being a "huge fan" of the Rishi Rich's debut single, "Dance with You" (Nachna Tere Naal, released 2003), and refers to the experience of working with Rishi Rich as a "dream come true."

Taking a step away from her role as composer and producer for the original "Ishq" track, Kara gladly handed over the production reigns for "The Ishq (Rishi Rich) Remix" to the legend, himself, and she can be seen having a great time behind the mic and alongside co-vocalist, Sabrina Sapal, in the behind-the-scenes music video for the track.  

Rishi Rich has done what he does best, taking the track back to his lab, dismantling and rebuilding it in his own unique fashion. The result of which is a far bouncier, club-friendly tune with an ample sprinkling of Rishi's signature sound.

source: https://www.hindustantimes.com/music/it-s-great-to-see-indian-music-combine-punjabi-rnb-with-hip-hop-beats-rishi-rich/story-gHxsDT0Gt3sNognQIoS2SM.html

Rishi says of the remix: "Was a joy working with Jasmine. She’s an artist/producer full of positive vibes, and she just let me do my thing on the record. She herself is a producer and label owner, so it was a great team we built for the project. Most of all it was fun."

source: www.tmcrecordsworldwide.com/home 

Based in Toronto, and coming from a Gujarati/Panjabi background, Jasmine K Kara is a songwriter, producer, pianist, and vocalist and has several tracks in production across many music genres and various languages including English, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Spanish, and French!

The Ishq remix has all the hallmarks of a super hit and Jasmine is excited about the release. She says: "Being a huge fan of Rishi’s iconic tracks like Tere Naal Nachna (Dance With You), getting to work alongside the legend himself, has been the most incredible experience. It's a dream come true to be making my vocal debut on his brilliant arrangement of the Ishq Remix. From the original to the remix, Ishq has been all about having a great time and growing with great people. The video for this song is dear to my heart because it captures a lot of the real, behind-the-scenes fun that made the evolution of Ishq unforgettable. I am so grateful to the fans that showed so much love for Ishq, and I cannot wait for you to dance with me to the Ishq Remix!"

The official remix of 'Ishq' is out now and available via digital platforms and streaming sites, globally.  If you haven't yet heard "The Ishq (Rishi Rich) Remix" by Rishi Rich and Jasmine K Kara, ft Sabrina Sapal, we would recommend for all music-lovers to check it out at one of the links, below:



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