Mensa Gives Youth a Voice

With a long history of leading society to push past frontiers of intellectual potential, Mensa Canada has recently facilitated a new and inclusive opportunity for youth across the world to share their opinions on matters that affect their generation.  Inviting all GYG (Gifted Youth Group) members and guest members to participate in their soon-to-launch youth blog, is about to become a platform for tomorrow's leaders to be heard, today.  

On December 1, 2022, the Chair of Mensa Youth's Gifted Youth Committee, Jasmine Kara, officially announced the Youth Blog launch within internal GYG networks.  Students of all ages have been prompted to respond to the following topic of interest

"A school banned tag because there were a lot of kids getting hurt while playing the game, and they thought safety was a priority.

Do you think this was a good idea? Please share your opinion on this"

Following through on a mission to "connect and support young Mensans" and "serve as a community and a resource for young Mensans," ( , the Gifted Youth Committee Chair has said that the purpose of this blog launch is to bridge the ties between internationally dispersed members through "common interest and accessible publication of ideas. "  Eligible responses are expected to be featured on following review, after the January 14, 2022 submission deadline.  

Extending the benefits of Mensa youth membership to like-minded nonmembers, Mensa opened the doors to its virtual Annual Gathering to guest members from Canada and the United States in July of 2022; similarly, this youth blog will be open to guest members that are approved for associate membership.  The GYG Chair has mentioned that guest membership is offered to applicants that share interest in the activities offered by the GYG, as well as those that may be candidates for official membership in the future.  

More about the GYG:

With an increasing number of members, partnerships, and activities, the GYG (primarily composed of youth with IQs within the top two percentile) has further become an independent participant group in national contests, such as the 2022 Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge.  Represented by students presenting amongst peers from accelerated learning schools in Toronto and Calgary, GYG's grade 4 representative emerged a national winner; you can find the impressive feature in Winner Magazine's Brilliant Youth Edition: link

With the winter holidays ahead, the Mensa Canada GYG's most recent initiative, the Youth Blog launch, is the perfect way to keep children engaged and intellectually stimulated, simultaneously helping them expand perspective and connect with their broader youth community.  To find about about guest membership or official GYG (Gifted Youth Group) membership for participation, we recommend visiting or reaching out to for more information.


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