Exclusive Interview With Amir Nathoo, Co-Founder and Head of Outschool, for Winner Magazine | BNS News

Would your kids want to learn about "critical thinking, through Dungeons and Dragons," or about "science, through farts," all from the convenience of their laptop or cell phone?  We’re willing to bet every parent would answer with a big, “yes,” which is one of the many reasons Amir Nathoo’s live online-learning platform, Outschool , has reached a valuation of over 3 billion dollars in a mere 7 years since its founding.  In an eye-opening interview that took place with BNS’ Jasmine Kara at Toronto’s recent Collision Tech Conference, Nathoo shared stories about personal and entrepreneurial experiences that shaped his motivation, inspired Outschool’s unique educational offerings, and allowed him to lead the company to succeed across the challenges of rapid growth in demand.  Play the interview, below, to hear from Amir Nathoo, himself, about how he achieved success in the EdTech industry, the benefits of OutSchool’s accessible live instruction courses for traditional and accelerated learning, and also, to hear his invaluable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs:

We thank Amir Nathoo for joining us all the way from San Francisco for this Winning Circle Series interview, and for sharing his experiences and advice with our followers.  If you haven't already, take a look at the game-changing Outschool website and app to find an endless selection of live-instruction classes that cater to students of all ages, with varying exceptionalities and interests.  
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