Cristiano Ronaldo Has Taken the Hair Transplant Industry by Storm

Ronaldo's enthusiastic Instagram post as an entrepreneur responsible for much of the success of this hair transplant company came in just last week and caught everyone's attention!

 It's   been  almost  6   months  since  the clinic in Milan, Italy, officially   opened   and   Ronaldo and his team   are   proud   to   say  that over 1000 patients have already trusted  them.  Their mission is to help  fight alopecia with innovative technologies  born  from their research, such as  BotHair UltraPlus Insparya.  Follow   @insparya_italy   to  stay  up   to   date   with  Insparya Italy  .  

click above to watch Cristiano Ronaldo talk about his entrepreneurial pride, the Insparaya Hair Transplant Clinic in Milan, Italy


Paulo Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo created Insparya, a medical group devoted exclusively to diagnosis, treatment and research in the area of hair loss.

click above to play the video

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