Sharief Aesthetics; A Top Cosmetic Services Provider in Fredericton New Brunswick

Sharief Aesthetics prides itself on supplying compassionate, professional honest care in the Fredericton, New Brunswick area. They are listed as one of the best  businesses of 2023 by the CBRB Canadian Business Review Board.  Dr. Al Sharief prescribes only the treatments that are uniquely suited to you. Along with a variety of cosmetic services, this company treats other issues such as discolouration, skin pigmentation acne, and acne scarring. Other options include facial treatments, as well as microdermabrasion and Botox injections.

They offer a complete and thorough inventory of cosmetic services that include addressing feminine health problems. Here are five reasons why these cosmetic services restore confidence:

"True beauty is as much about how you feel as how you look. "

Sharief Aesthetics; A Top Cosmetic Services Provider in Fredericton New Brunswick

1. Their Team is First Class  

Dr. Khalid Al Sharief has two decades of experience in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. His practice covers emergency and family medicine.  He has many medical aesthetics certifications and certain specialties in dermal filler as well as Botox applications. He’s also well-versed in advanced lip augmentation and combines his medical training and science with the art of enhancing everyone’s individual beauty.

Krista Sansom writes a glowing Google Review:

 “Can't say enough about Sharief aesthetics. Amazing staff and service...highly recommend!”

2. The Clinic is Comprehensive, Modern, and Safe

Sharief Aesthetics also offers a clean, comfortable, and calm clinic where each patient feels safe and cared for. Making sure each client has an excellent experience is the priority. The clinic offers impeccably designed and crafted treatment rooms, as well as industry-leading innovative equipment not to be found anywhere else in the Atlantic region.

3. Their Approach is Industry Leading

The clinic offers cosmetic services and stays away from inappropriate or unnecessary techniques. The doctor will develop a unique personalized treatment program that includes different nonsurgical alternatives, dermal fillers, and a variety of other services including skin tightening and wrinkle reduction.

4. The Body Contouring Improves Appearance and Confidence.  

This is a non-surgical alternative treatment to liposuction that tones and tightens. The radiofrequency energy gets combined with high-energy pulses to reduce cellulite and rejuvenate your skin’s elasticity.
Best of all, an applicator gets used that disrupts the walls of the cells resulting in a reduction in fat cells. This is an efficient treatment that feels like a gentle warm massage. There’s no discomfort involved and therefore no anesthesia is needed. Optimal results can happen after only eight weekly sessions.

5. The Skin Tightening is Non Invasive

There is no downtime or pain with these treatments and the whole process can be done during your lunch hour. The equipment that gets used employs radiofrequency technology to stimulate contraction in your tissue and collagen production at the same time. The equipment that gets used is designed for areas like the buttocks and knees as well as the lower abdomen, legs and upper arms. It’s a painless procedure and patients can return to their normal daily routines immediately after a session.

Sharief Aesthetics offers a variety of other efficient industry-leading services including high-speed laser hair removal, injectable-botulinum, fractional skin resurfacing, and others. 

Looking for treatments for facial rejuvenation, feminine health and body contouring in the Fredericton area? We recommend Sharief Aesthetics!

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