How Garnet Engineers Provides Low Cost Sources For Their Clients.

Serving nation-wide, Garnet Engineers are listed among  the best businesses of 2023 by the CBRB Canadian Business Review Board. They have several excellent features that separate them from the competition in the structural engineering field. This company has a broad range of expertise to meet the strictest demands of every client.  Garnet Engineers source from low-cost sources in emerging markets.

They have an excellent work sharing capability with another office in a different time zone so their customers get the best prices and materials. 

Here are several other ways that this business model of leveraging procurement professionals from a global source makes a big difference.

"In today’s dynamic business environment, ongoing identification and utilization of competitive, capable suppliers is critical to maintaining and expanding strategic sourcing competencies for global capital project execution. "

How Garnet Engineers Provides Low Cost Sources For Their Clients

1. A Global Approach 

The global professionals the company sources are diverse and come from a variety of different backgrounds including the UK, China and India. This allows them to bring together different perspectives for well-rounded projects. The process that this architectural firm uses is based on multiple global offices and worksharing. They link together services, experience and modern technology to meet all of their individual project needs worldwide.

2. Supply Diversity

This business model also allows diverse supply options to be developed. That way the company is able to meet very specific requirements for their clients project’s. This particular option allows direct material savings of up to 40% on purchase price.

3. Quality Review 

Garnet Engineers are thorough about the sources they use. All of them go through rigorous quality assessments and management services are available where needed.  

4. Going Beyond

The company also offers general consulting and strategic planning so finance and regulatory requirements are kept in line.

5. Top Rated by Review Boards

Not only has Garnet Engineers been listed as the best national-scale engineering services provider by the CBRB for two straight years, but they are also accredited with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

We recommend Garnet Engineers for their work in a variety of engineering service disciplines. That includes work in process, piping, mechanical, electrical, civil and architectural engineering. 

 Their worksharing business model allows them to work on projects attaining the highest levels in Canada and internationally, while staying within their clients' budget.  

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