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This company offers more than just a cute and unforgettable name; from their reviews and national recognition, it seems that the excellence of their landscaping services has charmed clients as much as their name has charmed us!  Bugaboo Landscaping is the company we chose to take a deep dive into in this Business Edition of Winner Magazine, and we found a number of reasons why the CBRB Canadian Business Review Board has selected them as one of the best businesses in Calgary for 2023.  Take a look at these reasons, below, and also find some amazing pictures of the work that Bugaboo Landscaping does:

"Our goal is to continue providing our customers with the highest quality of affordable and timely service"

Charming Clients With Exceptional Landscaping Services: Bugaboo Landscaping 

1. Residential Services 

While standard landscaping company sites have a simple gallery or brief overview of their services, Bugaboo offers a comprehensive breakdown of the many different services they provide.  Going through their residential services section, alone, you may learn a few terms!  They do everything from standard tasks like hedging and pruning to more complex ones like core aeration and everything in between.  Here is a full list of their residential services, which we encourage you to look up on their illustrative site for a full breakdown:

  • core aeration
  • lawn maintenance
  • spring clean up
  • hedging and pruning
  • fall clean up
  • application of grass seed
  • application of over-seed
  • hedgins and pruning
  • weed control and fertilizer application
  • Round Up application
  • weekly weeding/ container care
  • horticulture maintenance
  • garden and container planting
  • snow removal
  • de-icer application

2. Acreage Services

To meet the needs of clients with acreage properties, Bugaboo offers many of the same services for acreages as they do for residences.  In addition to these they also offer garden and container planting, in case you want to redesign your space or add plants to your garden.  They promise to deliver the perfect Zen garden!  It's also worth noting that when winter comes around, Bugaboo is ready to handle all the plowing challenges ahead, and they even offer sanding, sweeping and gravel removal services.

3. Condo and Commercial Services 

Of course, there is a cross over in the common needs of condo and commercial clients with those that would benefit from services outlined, above, and so many of these services are also offered to condo owners.  In addition, in the winter, sanding, skid-steer, and snow hauling services are also offered in case, for instance, clients need snow piles moved to green spaces or such.

4. Construction Services

At Bugaboo Landscaping, the team pledges to assist you in realising your vision for your residential or commercial property. They collaborate with you to meet all of your construction requirements. Their work extends from modest garden jobs like installing mulch and sod, rock, making garden beds, building decks and fences, to much more major work like full landscape makeovers, excavation, masonry, planting trees and much more! Their team of certified arborists and contractors is prepared to turn your ideas into reality.

5. Christmas Light Services

For the past 15 years, Calgary and the nearby towns have benefited from the high-quality Christmas light installation services offered by Bugaboo Landscaping & Lights. They take great pride in creating breathtaking displays with residential properties, trees of various sizes, and commercial and civic holiday lighting projects. Their reputation is based on reliability and their experienced, uniformed Owner/Operator's drive to perform at the highest level. Takedown of holiday lights is always included! For a free estimate and to schedule the installation of your Christmas lights, you can call their contact number (403 283 7843). In addition to having WCB and being fully insured, Bugaboo Lights always puts safety first.

6. Arbor Care

According to Bugaboo specialists, Calgary has experienced a sharp surge in demand for arborists over the past few years. The majority of the trees in Calgary have suffered due to diseases, insects, and climate, and as a result, they are in severe decline and require Bugaboo's assistance in recovery.

The Bugaboo team has proudly announced that Bugaboo Landscaping Ltd. has expanded and has a new division that is fully equipped to handle any of your arboriculture needs. As such, their clients no longer require third-party vendors to provide arbour care services.

Here are a few of the arbor care services that Bugaboo landscaping provides for Calgary residents:

  • Pruning for structure, tree/shrub health, & appearance
  • Identifying & diagnosing trees/shrubs that are unhealthy and providing recommendations to improve the trees/shrubs health
  • Remineralization of the trees and shrubs
  • Removing of trees and shrubs
  • Recommending and replacing trees and shrubs that are suitable in current conditions
  • Hazard assessments

The Bugaboo team has sincerely expressed their commitment to keep giving their clients the best service possible.   We gave Bugaboo a virtual high-five for their promise to customers: "Our goal is to continue providing our customers with the highest quality of affordable and timely service: no more waiting months or even weeks to get quotes."

7. Reviews

We found many happy reviews from customers raving about Bugaboo's multitude of exceptional landscaping services.  Here's one Google review from André Bandeira de Melo, who has used Bugaboo for Garden design, Lawn mowing & maintenance, Groundskeeping, Landscape design, Weed control, and Yard landscaping

“I had a amazing experience with Bugaboo Landscaping. Honestly, I’m impressed by the quality of work and how quickly they were able to assist us. My property after their work looks a million times better. I super appreciate all they do and I highly recommend this company for your landscaping needs. Thanks a lot, Bugaboo!”

If you are looking for a landscaping services provider in the Calgary area, we recommend checking out Bugaboo Landscaping!     

Take a look at their social channels, below for more information.

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