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 There were delicious ideas and there were education-friendly ideas, and what they all had in common is that they were brilliant business pitches brought to us from youth as young as 4 years of age!  This past Monday, virtual audience members from across the country came together to see students from four different educational institutions and youth organizations rally in an unbelievable pitch-off .  Presenters competed against others in their age category to receive Judges' Choice Awards and Community Vote Awards.  While full presentations and judge feedback for winners will be shared soon, we've put together this highlight reel to give you a glimpse of the action!

Featured in this video: Jasmine Kara (Winner Magazine editor), Raj Dhanjal (Founder of Farang Martial Arts), Jennifer Donovan (Founder of J. Donovan Law Group), Bradley Jacobson (Founder of UltraVac), Sidney Ledson Institute students (Annabelle, Everett, Daniyal, Ranbir, Harrison, Anna, Sebastian, Kenneth, Ethan, Sonya, Khayal, Jonathan, Khaleel, Mensa Canada's Gifted Youth Group representatives (Lucas and Brendan), York Mills CI student (Philip Mocanu), University of Toronto Schools students (Avi and William)

Scores and votes have come in and we bring you the much-awaited list of winners:

JK/SK Judges' Choice Winner and Community Choice Winner: Everett from Sidney Ledson Institute ( Breakfast Popsicle )

Gr 1/2 Judges' Choice Winner : Lucas from Mensa Canada's Gifted Youth Group (Build n' Learn)

Gr 3 Judges' Choice Winner: Kenji and Ethan from Sidney Ledson Institute (VocabMark)

Gr 4 Judges' Choice Winner: Sonya from Sidney Ledson Institute (Poochpack)

Gr 5/6 Judges' Choice Winner: Brendan from Mensa Canada's Gifted Youth Group (Math website)

Highschool Judges' Choice Winner and Community Choice Winner: Avi and William from University of Toronto Schools (Students4Students)

All winning presentations will be featured in Winner Magazine: Brilliant Youth Edition.

Stay tuned for more footage from the event!

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