The Bank of Canada Museum debuts a new exhibit titled Money in 10 Questions: Kids Edition.

 Children are encouraged to attend a new exhibition at the Bank of Canada Museum that was motivated by their inquiries about money. In 10 Questions, about Money Kids Edition is a game-based learning environment that teaches kids about money and how to manage it. The exhibit includes special family-friendly activities and is free to the public starting on May 25.

“We believe an early introduction to financial literacy is essential to a child’s education," says Stacy Wakeford, Director of the Bank of Canada Museum. “Even at a young age, kids can understand economic subjects like compound interest or the value of labour. They are curious and have unique perspectives. Their questions provide insight into how the world works and can spark some great conversations.”

The Museum polled children in 2020 to find out what they wanted to know about money. More than 800 inquiries poured in from all throughout the nation. Some of the questions were merely enjoyable, while others were insightful and complex. The Museum responded to each question. In 10 Questions, about Money Ten of these inquiries—including "Why do you have to work for money?" and "Can money be dinosaur bones?"—are the foundation of the Kids Edition. These inquiries serve as a starting point for discussion about ideas that kids and their families should be aware of as they navigate the economy.

Highlights of the exhibition experience include the following: 

  • Can you save a million dollars? Learn about the magic of compound interest.
  • Discover some surprising forms of money. Touch them; some of them are furry.
  • Meet a kid entrepreneur and find ways to make your own money.
  • Exclusive to the Ottawa showing: some cool artifacts that answer 10 more questions kids had about currency and its history.
“The economy is in the news almost every day. Now, more than ever, it’s important to find activities and information that help Canadian families talk about money and its role in their lives,” says Deputy Governor Sharon Kozicki. “The Bank of Canada is excited to be part of the conversation with this timely, informative and engaging exhibition.”

On May 27 and 28, as well as the first two weekends in June, museum visitors will have the chance to take part in unique family activities relating to the exhibition. 

Up to the autumn of 2024, Money in 10 Questions: Kids Edition is on display at the Bank of Canada Museum before embarking on a national tour.

The Museum never charges admission.
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