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It can be a real challenge for hard working professionals to find the right financing solutions to achieve their business development goals, and that's where Money in Motion has stepped in as a favourite finance solutions provider for Canadians. Taking an individualized approach to assist every client with their needs, Money in Motion has caught the attention of the CBRB and is now listed amongst the Best Business in Canada of 2023.  Here are some of the many reasons we found to love Money in Motion:

"We are different because we are in the people business"

Many Reasons to Love Money in Motion

1. They Take a Personalized Approach 

Unlike conventional financial institutions, we are aware of the particular financing difficulties you have and have committed ourselves to ensuring that you receive the funding necessary to put your revenue-generating equipment into operation.  

2. Versatility in Industries Served

Money in Motion specializes in helping people with needs that fall under a number of different industries, including:
  • Towing & OTR Truck Financing
  • Snow Removal Equipment Financing
  • Mining Equipment Financing
  • Waste Recycling Equipment Financing

3. Comprehensive Set of Services 

This company takes care of every need that could arise from beginning to end of the finance solution process.  These services include:

  • Equipment Leasing
  • New and Used Equipment Financing
  • Engine Repair Financing
  • Sale Leaseback Program
  • Working Capital
  • Account Receivable Financing
  • Creditor Insurance
  • Payment Options

4. Their Vendor Program

If you work in the equipment industry, Money in Motion should be your vendor leasing financing partner because it provides a wide range of financial services, including equipment leasing.

MIM warmly welcomes vendor specialists who want to participate in their leasing vendor programs. Each individual vendor applying receives a personalised program after they follow their normal operating procedures.

Joining up with MIM can provide vendors the benefit of having a respected leasing firm at their side, but more significantly, their customers will get the service they need, and their sales are predicted to go up.

5. Reviews

Money in Motion has five star reviews on multiple platforms, including Google and Loans Canada.  In testimony, Leo Leger says: 

“Good option for business owners who need to purchase equipment quickly.

If you are looking for a specialized finance solutions provider in Canada, we would recommend inquiring with Money in Motion!     

Take a look at their social channels, below for more information.

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