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Creativity is critical in a nail service provider, and JN Nails & Spa has excelled in this domain.  With clients that are willing to travel extensive distances for their Mississauga-based services in nail art and more, they have earned a listing amongst the Best Businesses of 2023 by the CBRB Canadian Business Review Board.  Here are a list of reasons why JN Nails & Spa has made the cut for this Business Edition of Winner Magazine, including 12 Fabulous Nail Art Ideas from their brilliant nail art team!

 Here's a checklist of just some of the fine therapies they offer:

"The environment in the salon feels very safe and inclusive. "

   Review for JN Nails & Spa by Julia Kostetskyi

12 Fabulous Nail Art Ideas From Mississauga's JN Nails & Spa

1. Range of Beauty Services

For all the hard working individuals that want to pamper themselves to look beautiful on the outside like they are on the inside, JN Nails & Spa offers the following beauty and care services:

  • Beauty, Cosmetic & Personal Care
  • Nail Enhancement
  • Pedicure

2. Portfolio

Choosing your favourite nail place is 99% about the look of the nails when you come out of the salon.  One look at the incredibly creative portfolio by JN Nails & Spa and you won't want to go anywhere else!  Here are some of our favourite designs by their talented nail artists:













5. Reviews

Nothing provides greater testimony to a business' service standard than a client that is willing to travel an extensive distance just for their service!  Take a look at this review from Michelle Stuart, who travels over 60km each time, just to get her nails done at her favourite salon, JN Nails & Spa: 

“Amazing service! So polite and takes time to do what I want. Love my nails every time. Owner is an amazing artist and allowing her to express her creativity every time has had me coming for years. I travel over 60km (almost an hr) because my experience is satisfaction every time. I have been to other nail salons who don’t take the time to know me and rush the process basically don’t care if i come back again. Owner stays in touch and checks in with me ”

If you are looking for a nail salon and spa in the Mississauga area, we would recommend JN Nails & Spa!

Take a look at their social channels, below for more information.

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