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It takes both, excellent skill in hair care, and also strong business acumen to achieve the numerous recognitions that the founders of MEN ZONE have received in the past years; sweeping Toronto with their exquisite barbershop services, MEN ZONE has been placed in top ranks for multiple years by such review organizations as Toronto Hair and Beauty Awards, Top Choice Award, Three Best Rated, and Reader's Choice Awards.  From a quick glance at their glamorous hair salon, you would think they have all their focus on this premium establishment.  What surprised us is that this successful business is just the tip of the iceberg, in terms of the sophisticated business framework held together by the founders of MEN ZONE.  Read more to learn about the multi-faceted success and branches of MEN ZONE enterprises, and also to learn how you could become a part of this growing organization:

"A successful formula: Each location is designed with the same uncompromising principles and passion that guided the establishment of the flagship location."


5 Reasons MEN ZONE is a Leader for Hair Cuts AND Business Strategy 

1. Amazing Barbershop Services for Men  

MEN ZONE offers a combination of traditional and modern services for any gentleman looking for a super chic look!  Their services include:

  • Barbering
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Facial
  • Manicure and Pedicure
  • Wax - Hair Removal
For customer convenience, these services are offered in various locations throughout GTA's west end: Mississauga (Eglinton), Oakville (Hyde Park), and Oakville (Oak Park)

Take a look at some of their impressive work:

2. Their History

For the co-founders of MEN ZONE, their growth was the direct result of an unshakeable entrepreneurial spirit, working in unison with years of first-hand experience in the development of technological skills and the fast-paced business climate.  Here's a look at their timeline of growth, leading to their present day success:

  • 2016 - The inauguration of their flagship location in Mississauga, Ontario :
    • MEN ZONE established their elite barbershop performance standard with just three individuals on staff.
  • 2017 - Their effective utilization of technology:
    • MEN ZONE offered a convenient booking experience for their clients with an online booking option by phone app.
  • 2018 - Initial recognition:
    • This year saw recognition from the Toronto Hair and Beauty Awards.  It was also the year that they expanded their salon and included additional services, such as facials and hair removal services.
  • 2019 - Continued recognition:
    • MEN ZONE was recognized for a second year in a row by the Toronto Hair and Beauty Awards, and they were also recognized by Top Choice Award.  They further innovated to set up Hair Miles, a reward program for their clients.
  • 2020 - The beginning of their expansion:
    • MEN ZONE was recognized with a Mississauga News Reader's Choice award, and they expanded by opening another location in Oakville. They continued to add on to the services they offer by including manicures and pedicures.
  • 2021 - Their expansion met with global tribulation
    • With the universal downtime of the COVID epidemic, MEN ZONE co-founders took no pause, as they prepared their locations to open with the top hygenic protocols.  They even succeeded in opening their first, fully franchised location in Oakville (Hyde Park).
  • 2022 - The inception of MEN ZONE Academy
    • MEN ZONE branched from their existing strengths to offer an educational experience to the community of aspiring barbers and hair care professionals.

3. MEN ZONE Academy

Through a cutting-edge hybrid curriculum that provides students with the skills needed for a long-lasting career in the barbering profession, MEN ZONE Academy prepares students for a flourishing career within the industry.  

4. A Solid Business Structure & Franchise Opportunities 

It takes a well organized business structure to grow and continue to maintain the quality standard of your flagship location.  The co-founders of MEN ZONE have done everything right by setting up distinct roles for the multiple parts of their enterprise.  Here is a breakdown:

MEN ZONE Holding Co: The organization created in Ontario that focuses on the beauty and personal care sector is known as MEN ZONE Holding Co. (MZH). This organization has established the essential infrastructure, which has paved the way for numerous further beneficial opportunities within the sector on a national and international level.

MEN ZONE Barbershop Inc.: The operating company, MEN ZONE Barbershop Inc., offers clients a one-of-a-kind "Executive Grooming One Stop Shop" experience that allows them to witness the absolute brilliance of the barbering industry.

MEN ZONE Trading: With an emphasis on constantly enhancing and finding new, cutting-edge professional hair, beard, and skin care products for customers, barbershops, salons, and spas, MEN ZONE Trading distributes over 5 brands of beauty supply products. This is in addition to the research and development of goods under the MEN ZONE brand.

This well devised business model makes MEN ZONE a terrific franchise to invest in opening a location for.

5. Reviews

Thousands of Google reviews exclaim praises for the premium barbershop services offered by MEN ZONE.  Here is just one example:

Lisa Shevchenko says, "I brought my boyfriend here to get his haircut and beard service and I can honestly say it’s the best haircut he has ever gotten. The atmosphere is beautiful and just an amazing vibe. The receptionists are really welcoming with a nice smile. They offered us coffee. I highly recommend coming here."

If you are looking for a Mens' Barbershop or Barbershop Franchising Opportunities in the Greater Toronto Area, we recommend checking out MEN ZONE!     

Take a look at their social channels, below, for more information.

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