Jacob & Co. and Rihanna Collaborate on a Watch Choker



Jacob Arabo of Jacob and Co. was spotted, this weekend at the Anokhi 20th awards celebration, and that was a big hint that a grand announcement was in the works!

(Ruby Dhalla and Jacob Arabo posing with BNS' Jasmine K Kara at the Anokhi awards ceremony this past weekend)

Rihanna has broken yet another record, but this time it has nothing to do with a song or musical endeavour. As the first person to ever wear one of the brand's timepieces on their neck, the singer collaborated with renowned jewellery designer Jacob The Jeweller of Jacob & Co. to create a diamond-encrusted watch choker.

The choker's construction, which cost a big buck, justified its $700,000 USD price tag. Jacob & Co. explained on Instagram that the 368 diamond, 47-mm white gold Brilliant Flying Tourbillon watch had been reinvented and rebuilt to be worn as a choker. Over 30 carats worth of baguette-cut diamonds are visible on the gleaming watch's band, which is made of black leather.

Jacob & Co. revealed in another Instagram post that Rihanna was a key contributor to the development of the novel timepiece. According to a statement from Jacob & Co., when Rihanna approached them, "she had a vision to create a watch choker that would serve as a remarkable fashion statement for the highly anticipated Louis Vuitton fashion show."

The singer coordinated with A$AP Rocky by wearing the striking piece with an all-denim Louis Vuitton ensemble.

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