Lucas Wilson Brings a Victory to Mensa Canada's Gifted Youth Group in the Gr 1 Entrepreneurship Contest

"Bridging" the gap between learning and fun, Lucas Wilson of Mensa Canada's Gifted Youth Group won over the judges with his "Build And Learn" business pitch.  In the recent CSR National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge, Lucas, Gr 1, gave a very professional demonstration on subscription-based STEM activity he was proposing for profit.  He did such a terrific job with his presentation and responses to judges that he won the Judge's Choice Award for the Gr 1/2 division.  Watch the video, below, to see Lucas' full presentation and comments from impressed guest judges, Raj Dhanjal (founder of Farang Martial Arts),  Jennifer Donovan (founder of J. Donovan Law Group), and Bradley Jacobson (founder of UltraVac):

Lucas' Winning Business Pitch


We offer a hearty congratulations to Lucas for winning the Gr 1/2 Division Judge's Choice Award in the CSR National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge; we also commend the Gifted Youth Group for facilitating participation in this challenge and promoting an early introduction to entrepreneurial skills.  

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