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There’s good reason why J. Donovan Law Group is listed among the best businesses of 2023 by the CBRB Canadian Business Review Board. Not only is it listed as one of the top firms, but it has also been awarded the prestigious Best in Fredericton award by the CBRB, two years in a row.  This boutique law firm owned by Jennifer L. Donovan has a team of 24 professionals, including 6 lawyers, whose primary focus is criminal defense and family law litigation. Outside of those two areas, J. Donovan Law Group also has a very large real estate and wills and estates practice. J. Donovan Law Group is one of only a few law firms that offers bilingual legal services.

 They have 20 years of litigation experience and represent a variety of clients around New Brunswick. J. Donovan Law Group offers a number of outstanding services that include the following:

"Advancing a strong fight and negotiating good settlements for our clients is our reputation."


Why J Donovan Law Group is Rated Best in Fredericton

1. Mediation 

Jennifer L. Donovan is well known for the mediation service that she’s been honing for 5 years. Her practice makes sure that all the parties involved feel safe and comfortable during the process. Her priority is making sure the clients reach satisfying settlements. 

2. Family Law

J. Donovan Law Group has three locations: Fredericton, Miramichi, and as of summer 2023, Saint Andrews. Whether you have complicated domestic violence issues to look at or simply want a Separation Agreement, these professionals have a successful track record with Jennifer L. Donovan having received many awards over the last two decades.  They look after a variety of different issues like setting up spousal and child support, dividing property, protecting business assets and parenting plans.

3. Business Incorporation 

J. Donovan Law Group also supplies excellent business law services. These services are comprehensive and thorough, and they include registration of business name. The team offers flat fee packages to suit most budgets and add value by providing advice on estate planning. They also look after Articles of Incorporation including bylaws and all the various notices and share certificates required. 

4. Reviews

This law group has many testimonials from satisfied clients. Those include Emma and Ozzie who write the following about the wide range of services provided.

“Ms. Donovan has keen insight and intuition, which allowed her to tease apart nuances of information that were crucial to successful outcomes for us. Over the last decade, Jennifer has seen us through custody, divorces, property divisions, student loan issues, and estate work. She is an honorary and valuable member of our family! And we adore her!”

5. An Inspiration to Women

Read about Jennifer's remarkable journey and multiple nominations as a female leader in the entrepreneurial domain in her 2022 interview for Winner Magazine: link 


J. Donovan Law Group offers a wide variety of excellent services including the ones listed above and others including Simplified Divorce, Criminal Law, Real Estate Law, Adoption and others. We recommend them for everything listed in their portfolio, based on their glowing reviews and award-winning track record.     

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