LCC Immigration Review for Immigration Services in Canada and India

In this review, we take a deep dive into an Immigration Services Provider that has made the BNS Best in Business List for top immigration service providers in Canada for 2023. 

The pillars of operational integrity that have qualified LCC Immigration to make this list include: 

  • A commitment to clarity
  • Ethical operation
  • Accountability toward consumer experience
  • Strong client-communication protocols

Let's take a look at how LCC Immigration excels in all these areas and more, while helping people achieve their immigration needs throughout Canada and India, as well:  

A commitment to clarity:

LCC Immigration provides a number of services that help their clients land and thrive in Canada, and these are all thoroughly explained through their comprehensive website.  Some of these services include assistance with:

Gaining Entry into Canada


All applicants who hope to be accepted into a Canadian university or college and get a study visa have their desires fulfilled by LCC Immigration. There are several respectable institutions and universities that provide excellent instruction and are eager to accept both domestic and International students.


Most people require their parents and grandparents to be close by to feel comfortable. The Super Visa was created because it allowed for that reunion. The grandparents and parents might obtain temporary residence in Canada using super visas. People can meet and reunite with their loved ones swiftly after they have temporary citizenship. The duration of a super visa might be changed depending on the circumstances. A super visa can extend up to ten years and up to one month past the passport’s expiration.


One of the main goals of the Canadian government's 'Family Class Immigration' program is family reunification. Under this program, every Canadian citizen or permanent resident has the ability to sponsor their relatives and other family members who are currently residing abroad to come to Canada permanently and live and work there.


The most diverse province in Canada is Ontario, which has a population of more than 13.5 million. Each year, 40% of immigrants choose to settle there. Ontario chooses people and families for permanent residency through the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program. The labor market and local priorities for economic development were taken into consideration when making this choice.


Senior business executives and seasoned business owners who want to settle in Nova Scotia can apply to the province's Entrepreneur Stream. This visa program's goal is to attract highly talented immigrants who can either launch a new business venture in the province or take over an existing one.


Canada provides spousal sponsorship because it recognizes the importance of family reunification. Spousal sponsorship is given first attention because moving to another nation and leaving behind loved ones is difficult. This helps to keep families together.


Foreign workers who qualify for various work visa categories have always been drawn to Canada in an effort to settle there. Foreign nationals may work in Canada temporarily under this permit for a predetermined amount of time. The worker must be given an employment offer that enables them to apply for a work permit in Canada to obtain that.


Service Canada must evaluate and approve the job position before any Canadian employer can hire a foreign worker temporarily or permanently. An organization must meet various requirements to be eligible for and receive positive confirmation from the LMIA, a required assessment.

Gaining Permanent Residency in Canada


Since January 2015, Canada has made significant changes to its economic immigration policies. As a result, more skilled potential immigrants are allowed to enter Canada. Through the Express Entry - Canada immigration program, skilled international workers can immigrate to Canada. Apply through the Express Entry System if you want to immigrate to Canada to find work or settle down there so that your application can be processed in six months or less. You can trust LCC Immigration to help you apply and continue this procedure.


A crucial component of Canada's Express Entry Visa System is the Federal Skilled Workers Programme. It is regarded as one of the most excellent methods for submitting a fast-track application for a Canadian visa. A point system is in place, and points are assigned based on several factors.

Visa Services


LCC Immigration is an expert at navigating the challenging criteria for obtaining a visitor visa to the United States. The "B1 (Business) Visa" and the "B2 (Tourism) Visa" are the two different types of visitor visas for the United States. We will help you assemble the essential paperwork for either kind of US visitor visa. You will need to provide evidence that you have enough money to pay the cost of your entire journey to the US if you want to visit.


Regarding aiding you with visa applications or visa consultancy services to numerous countries worldwide, LCC Immigration is proud of its global knowledge. To ensure that you receive the highest caliber of service when it comes to visiting or conducting business in any region of the world that you may desire, LCC has paid particular attention to the constantly changing landscape of visa requirements and application processes worldwide. They have brought their focused work ethic to this effort.

Ethical operation:

When it comes to handling such complex legal matters as immigration, it is critical that licensed professionals oversee the process. When working with LCC immigration on your immigration case, you can rest assured that Ajay Gupta, the founder, is an active member in good standing with the ICCRC (responsible for professional standards). LCC Immigration is also certified with the RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant).

Accountability toward consumer experience:

Their many positive reviews are a testament that LCC Immigration delivers on the promises it makes to help meet the immigration needs of it’s clients.  Here is one review that shares a client's experience working with LCC Immigration:

Strong client-communication protocols:

In addition to a strong track record of client satisfaction, exhibited through their glowing reviews, LCC has further enlisted as a BNS Best in Business feature, partnering with our review organization to be an active ongoing member in mediating any additional client feedback. This indeed shows an exceptional level of accountability toward hearing what their clients have to say to maintain their elite level of performance in the immigration industry. 

Considering all these reasons, we encourage you to feel confident in LCC Immigration's commitment to their pledge: "We remain updated regarding any changes in the Canadian Immigration law so that we can provide all our clients an informed help by laying out all the options in front of them and choosing one that best suits their immigration needs. "

If you are looking for an immigration services provider serving Canada and India, we recommend reaching out to LCC Immigration.

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