The Vote for the Most Influential Leader of 2023 Is Now Open

How do you start an award-winning private school?  How do you build an award-winning yoga business?  How do you grow into an award-winning legal firm?  

Questions about excelling in these careers and many more have been answered by our esteemed Winner Magazine features, and regardless of their fields of excellence, each feature has these two things in common: incredible entrepreneurial sensibility and an infectious embodiment of motivated perseverance.  

There is a lot to learn from our Winner Magazine features, and ample inspiration to be drawn from their adversity-prone mindsets that are primed for success.

Which interview inspired you the most?

This your chance to have a voice in acknowledging and thanking the featured mentor that you found to be the most impactful.

You can do this by casting your vote for who you think should receive the title of Most Influential Leader of 2023.  You can vote up until July 15. 

Read the interviews at this link: 2023 Most Influential Leader in North America Nominee Interviews

Then vote, below:

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