Why Its a Good Idea to Work With Idea Immigration Solutions

In this review, we take a deep dive into an Immigration Services Provider that has made the BNS Best in Business List for top immigration service providers in Canada for 2023. 

The pillars of operational integrity that have qualified Idea Immigration Solutions to make this list include: 

  • A commitment to clarity
  • Ethical operation
  • Accountability toward consumer experience
  • Strong client-communication protocols

Let's take a look at how Idea Immigration Solutions excels in all these areas and more, while helping people achieve their immigration needs throughout Canada:  

A commitment to clarity:

Idea Immigration Solutions provides a number of services that help their clients land and thrive in Canada, and these are all thoroughly explained through their comprehensive website.  Some of these services include assistance with:

Work Related Entry:

Labour Market Impact Assessment
Labour Market Impact Assessment (Lmia) Exemptions
Global Talent Stream
Variations to Minimum Advertising Requirements (Lmia)

Bridging Open Work Permit
Inland Spousal
International Experience Canada Program
Post-graduation Work Permits for International Students in Canada

Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement
Intra Company Transfer
Usmc (NAFTA) Work Permit

A foreign individual who travels to Canada for business purposes but does not intend to work there is referred to as a business visitor.

Canada works to ensure that foreign business travellers can travel to Canada on business trips because of its internationally oriented economy and membership in the OECD, the Group of Seven (G7), and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Certain business travellers may enter the country to engage in business or commercial activity without obtaining a work permit, according to the nature of the work and the person's nationality.

Applying for a work permit is an option if you have a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) and are residing in Canada. For people who want to stay in Canada for an extended amount of time in order to gain work experience and money to pay for living expenses, this is crucial. You can first apply to extend your stay if you have a TRV. The process of requesting a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) can then start. By showing that no Canadian workers are available to execute the job, the LMIA establishes that a foreign worker is required to fill the position in Canada.

Few situations allow someone to request a change in their immigration status from visitor to permanent resident. For example, if a person has refugee status, an exception may be made. It takes a long time to apply for permanent residency; the application processing period by itself can last between six and twelve months. That doesn't account for the time needed to compile supporting resources and materials, fill out forms, and submit applications. 

Graduate students with a study permit and who meet the requirements can get work permits that will allow them to work during their studies and for up to three years after they graduate. After graduating, those who choose to remain in Canada may apply for a Post-Graduate Work Permit.


Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement
Intra Company Transfer
Usmc (NAFTA) Work Permit

Study in Canada
Designated Learning Institution List
Get Admission to a Canadian Educational Institution
Levels of Study in Canada


Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program
Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program (Aisp)
Atlantic High-Skilled Program (Ahsp)
Atlantic International Graduate Program (Aigp)

Federal Skilled Worker Program
Federal Skilled Trade Class

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program
British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program
Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

For foreign employees in Canada who want to immigrate permanently, there is a category called the Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

Permanent residence in Canada is a great option for temporary international workers. These people have already assimilated into Canadian society and built virtual networks in their towns and professions thanks to their job experience here.

Applications for immigration to Canada under the Canadian Experience Class are processed through the Express Entry system of selection. Before submitting an application, eligible individuals must indicate their interest in moving to Canada, create an online indicate Entry profile, and wait for an invitation to apply for permanent residence.

This is a mechanism of selection for immigrants to Canada that is intended to choose qualified workers.

Federal, provincial, and Canadian employers are all parties to the entirely automated Express Entry process. 

Express Entry is a mechanism used by admission reviewers of the IRCC to choose applicants for admission to Canada under certain economic immigration programs.

Your permanent residence card or PR card can be renewed with the help of an Idea Immigration Consultant. To travel back to Canada on a commercial carrier (such as a plane, bus, train, or boat), a permanent resident must have a current permanent resident card (PR card) or permanent resident travel document (PRTD). However, you are still permitted to enter Canada across the land border in a personal vehicle or at an airport in a private aircraft without a current PR card. Although a permanent residence card (PR card) is often provided for five years, it may also be given out for one year. It remains active until the card's stated expiration date.

The Canadian citizenship application specialists at Idea Immigration can assist you in determining your eligibility to submit an application for Canadian citizenship. They will help you with your citizenship application and provide you recommendations on the best ways to become a citizen of Canada.

There are several options for people who desire to become Canadian citizens to do so. In some cases, a person who was not born in Canada may also petition for a certificate of citizenship, stating that they received their citizenship at birth from Canadian parents who resided outside of Canada.

Child Sponsorship
Parent and Grand Parents
Financial Ability
Requirement to Sponsor


Immigrant business owners are encouraged to expand in Canada under the Start-Up Visa Programme. Successful applicants connect with Canadian private sector organisations to obtain finance, assistance, and knowledge for starting and running their business in Canada. Canada is aiming to attract entrepreneurs with the Start-Up Visa who have the ability to establish cutting-edge businesses that can compete globally and generate employment.

Within their Provincial Nominee Programmes, the provinces of Canada offer a variety of categories for entrepreneurs. Immigrant business owners can locate in a certain areas by fitting into one of these categories.

By bringing in individuals who are familiar with these markets and their particular demands and cultures, the Canadian business immigration programs hope to promote commercial opportunities and improve access to growing international markets. One of the Canadian business immigration programmes may allow those with managerial or business experience and reasonably high net worth to apply for a Canada Immigration (permanent residence) Visa under some sub-categories.

This initiative encourages immigrant entrepreneurs to grow their businesses in Canada. Successful applicants are connected with Canadian private sector organisations where they can obtain finance, advice, and experience for starting and running their business in Canada.


Inland Sponsorship
Outland Sponsorship
Spouse or Common In-Law Partner

An immigration officer's rejection of your application isn't always the end of the road. A challenge to an immigration officer's decision or a request for special treatment under our immigration regulations is almost always made. The Canadian immigration system allows for several forms of re-adress and to develop your case, giving you a second chance to gain entry into Canada. 

Free Evaluation Tools

With the help of the British Columbia Provincial Nomination Programme, experienced entrepreneurs, international workers, and their families can get permanent residence in B.C. The points system used by the BCPNP awards points for (a).A person's capacity to succeed in the BC labour market and contribute to the regional economy is reflected in their human capital, which includes their work experience, education, language skills, and (b). Economic factors (Skill Level of the BC Job Offer, Wage of the BC Job Offer, Regional District of Employment) that are taken into account by the BC PNP.

The Express Entry System is an online application process used to identify talented foreign applicants who are submitting their applications through one of the federal economic immigration programs. Employers can use the Express Entry to discover qualified foreign workers by evaluating their qualifications and work histories using a profile and the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), a point-based ranking system.

Ethical operation:

When it comes to the handling of such complex legal matters as immigration, it is critical that licensed professionals oversee the process. When working with Idea Immigration Solutions on your immigration case, you can be rest assured that the company is run by an active member in good standing with the ICCRC (responsible for professional standards).  Idea Immigration Solutions is also certified with the RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant).

Accountability toward consumer experience:

Their many positive reviews are a testament that Idea Immigration Solutions delivers on the promises it makes to help meet the immigration needs of their clients.  Here is one review that shares a client's experience working with Idea Immigration Solutions:

Strong client-communication protocols:

In addition to a strong track-record of client satisfaction, exhibited through their glowing reviews, Idea Immigration Solutions has further enlisted as a BNS Best in Business feature, undertaking a partnership with our review organization to be an active on-going member in mediating any additional client feedback.  This truly shows an exceptional level of accountability toward hearing with their clients have to say, in the interest of maintaining their elite level of performance in the immigration industry. 

Considering all these reasons, we encourage you to feel confident in Idea Immigration Solutions commitment to their pledge: "We have the knowledge and experience to deliver the result you need to move forward."

If you are looking for an immigration services provider serving Canada and India, we recommend reaching out to Idea Immigration Solutions.

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