Should You Go Watch the Barbie Movie?

 This movie may have been all about things made in plastic, but there was nothing artificial about the important underlying themes that were tastefully brought to surface.  Feminism has never looked so fashionable in the surprising twist presented by the directors of the Barbie movie.  

Margot Robbie, Dua Lipa, Ryan Gosling, Will Ferrell, Issa Rae and Simu Liu

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Hopping on the reel trend where the dichotomous requirements of female existence come to be articulated in what can only be described as modern-day poetic speech, this movie includes a powerful monologue that is bound to be quoted for generations to come.  From proliferating the archetype of unrealizable female-body-image to becoming a trademark of female empowerment, the Barbie franchise has done a great job leveraging the cinematic platform to remould the image of Barbie for the greater good.  

Is the Barbie movie for everyone?

From our survey, men were far less likely to opt to go see this movie, and we would like to say that this is not surprising; the movie does centre on themes of putting an end to patriarchal tendencies, and the visuals are everything out of a traditional 90's girl's daydream.  However, that is all the more reason for men to come out and watch this movie.  The Barbie movie sheds light on relationships in a refreshing way, and we predict that it will be a critical force in bringing awareness to unnoticed societal biases to all those that take the time to watch the movie.  


How are the Barbie movie songs?

The choreographed dance features and dazzling outfits can be described as nothing short of Bollywood-esque!  Further, the songs are very re-playable and we predict that many reels will be made to these tunes.

How do the Barbie outfits look?

Margot Robbie has done a terrific job portraying "stereotypical Barbie" on the big screen and on red carpets across the world, as well.  Here are a couple of our favourite looks:



Which ages is the Barbie movie appropriate for?

Aside from some well-covered jokes, this movie is a great fit for audience members of all ages.  There is appeal for kids and adults, as well, without any overt expression of mature themes.  We recommend this movie for the whole family!

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