How to Find a Good Pet Groomer - 5 Must-Follow Tips from Maria of Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming

Many pet owners would agree that their pets are like children to them, and when it comes to grooming, it takes careful decision-making to find a professional that will give them the care they deserve.  The challenge in finding a great pet groomer is two-fold; first, they should have a great way of connecting with, grooming, and comforting our pets, and second, they should be in a convenient location.  For guidance, we consulted eight-time award winning pet grooming CEO, Maria Mejia of Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming, and she had some amazing advice for our readers.  

Photo: Maria Mejia of Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming 

Maria is not just celebrated as a loved pet groomer, but she has also been recognized for 8 consecutive years as a leading Hamilton/Niagara area entrepreneur by the Consumer Choice Award.  Read her full interview for Winner Magazine, as she shares her business tips with our reader: read more

Pets may not be able to express their gratitude in words, but pet owners sure can!  Here are a couple of the many reviews that expresses strong satisfaction with Maria's expertise and services:

Here are tips from Maria of Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming on what to look for in an ideal pet groomer:

How to Find a Good Pet Groomer - 5 Must-Follow Tips from Maria of Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming

1. Expertise

Just as you wouldn't hire anyone short of a knowledgable professional to handle your own hair care, the same applies for pet grooming .  It is important to choose a specialist that has proven to have a wealth of understanding on pets and their various grooming needs.  Maria at Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming is a perfect example of being this kind of expert in the area of pet care.  She has been featured for her wisdom on the subject, several times in "The Hamilton Spectator" publication.  Take a look at some of her articles with great tips on pet grooming and pet care:

2. Comfort and Convenience

Grooming is a frequent necessity that is difficult to accommodate in the typical busy schedules of pet owners.  On top of that, a lot of the time, when you take your beloved dog or cat to the vet or another foreign location, you have to leave them whimpering with anxiety and unease - something that isn't pleasant for the pet parent or the pet.  All these challenges can be solved with a mobile pet groomer.  Think of all the errands you can run or work you can finish if you are not stuck commuting, regularly, to the groomers.  Better yet, think of how comfortable pets are, in comparison, when they get to stay in their driveway for the pet grooming, rather than in some strange clinical environment.  A mobile pet groomer like Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming is ideal for achieving both, comfort and convenience, when it comes to pet grooming.

3. Genuine Care

Can you imagine not being able to voice your discomforts?  As this is clearly the case for our furry friends, it is so critical that pet owners find a groomer that genuinely cares for their sensitive pet patients.  The process of grooming can be terrifying for pets that don't know what to expect, and having a groomer who prioritizes methods of putting them at ease is instrumental in making the experience painless.  When you read Maria's interview with Winner Magazine, it is outstandingly clear how passionately she cares for all her pet clients.  As she says, "I treat them with respect and affection.  "     

4. Portfolio

There are so many different types of dog breeds with different sizes and fur types that you can never be sure that a groomer is prepared unless you see their portfolio.  Taking a look at Maria's portfolio is not just enjoyable (because her clients are adorable and well groomed!), but it is also great testimony that she can handle all types of dogs and cats with perfection.  Here are some examples:

5. Reviews

When a groomer has stood the test of time as an established service provider in the community, this also means that there are enough reviews online to get an accurate idea of how well they deliver on their promises.  Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming is a prime example of the kind of business you want to hire, especially when you take a look at their happy client reviews.  Here are a couple of recent reviews that seem to have left, both, the pet owner and pets, thrilled:

Sonya Simard says:

"Maria was absolutely amazing with my super shy girl Roma! Roma was pretty bad with mats in her armpits and wouldn’t let us cut them out. This was the first time she was groomed. My girl feels amazing now I can tell she’s happy with her haircut! I was referred to Maria and I’m so thankful! I will 1000% be asking her to come back! Thank you again Maria for beautiful job you did! :)" 

Laura Mitchell says:

"Our 100lbs Shepherd is a big brave boy…unless you want to touch his nails. Maria was very kind and patient with our Charles, and he liked her very much.  I would recommend her to anyone! "

If you are looking for Mobile Pet Grooming Services in the Hamilton or Niagara Area, we recommend checking out Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming.

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