19 Middle Eastern Dishes Perfect for Summer - Recommended by Chef Abod

Whether you are a vegan, a meat-lover, or simply a healthy eater, Middle Eastern cuisine offers the perfect variety for all preferences; an expert in this area is the man who brought this type of cuisine to Nova Scotia: Abdulkader Sadieh of Chef Abod Cafe and Catering.   Chef Abod has received the prestigious Consumer Choice Award for four consecutive years and founder, Abdulkader has been nominated by Winner Magazine readers as one of the most influential leaders of 2023; for these reasons and more, he is the perfect culinary specialist to consult on terrific middle eastern dishes to try this summer.  

Chef Abdulkader with a beautifully crafted fruit spread

Chef Abod is not only celebrated for his terrific menu, but also for his business acumen.  Read his inspiring interview for Winner Magazine: read more

Are you a picky eater?  Chef Abod's delicious middle eastern menu is fit for royalty - literally!  Director, Abdulkader, was formerly selected as the personal chef of a Saudi prince.  The caliber of his culinary creations and traditional menu items is described with flying colours through many restaurant-goer reviews..

Take a look at these recent client reviews:

Craving something healthy, delicious and refreshing this summer?  Here are 19 delectable dishes recommended by Abdulerkader of Chef Abod, all of which are recommended in his fabulous summer menu:

19 Middle Eastern Dishes Perfect for Summer - Recommended by Chef Abod

1. Hummus

Chick peas, tahina, fresh garlic, lemon, and olive oil combine to make a delightful Middle Eastern dish, called, "Hummus." Pita bread is served on the side.

2. Baba Ghanoush

This is a popular Middle Eastern dip made with puréed smoked eggplant, olive oil, mixed vegetables and pomegranate sauce.

3. Grape Leaves

Try stuffed exotic vine leaves with delicious rice and parsley.

4. Falafel

This is Chef Abod's personal favourite: a delectable blend of chickpeas, onions, and parsley fried for extra flavour and topped with a drizzle of our homemade tahini, wrapped in a soft tortilla and grilled to perfection.

5. Mosakhan

The chef made these delightful phyllo pastries, loaded with luscious chicken and onions marinated in delectable spices and sumac. They're incredibly tasty!

6. Kebbeh

Kebbeh is a crispy split wheat shell filled with ground beef, onion, nuts, and spices.

7. Fatayer

These are oven-baked pastry pies filled with your choice of meat, cheese, or spinach. They are an all-day snack and the ideal finger meal for your guests! 

8. Red Lentil Kofta

This is made of red lentils, cracked wheat, green onions, tomato paste, and spinach, combined to make a delightful dish.

9. Tofu Kebab

Try fresh tofu cubes marinated in Chef's unique sauce combination. These can be enjoyed with rice and salad.

10. Shawarma

Try marinated chicken breast or beef slices coupled with garlic sauce (chicken), tahini sauce (beef), pickled turnip, lettuce, and tomato before being wrapped in a soft tortilla and cooked to perfection. This is served with rice, salad, or fries.

11. Halabi Kebab

A tasty dish is Halabi Kebab, made of minced lamb served on a bed of grilled tomatoes, roasted fiery red peppers, pomegranate juice, and almonds. Rice and salad are typically included.

12. Garlic Lemon Chicken

This is chicken breast cubes marinated in fresh garlic and lemon.

13. Parmesan Lemon-Garlic Haddock

Enjoy a succulent haddock fillet marinated in garlic, lemon, parmesan cheese, and the Chef's special herb blend. This meal goes great with roasted veggies, fries, rice, or salad.

14. Kas Talita

Who can resist these tender and luscious lamb chops that have been seasoned with spices and grilled to perfection?  Rice and salad make great sides.

15. Mandi

This is a tender quarter chicken or lamb shank marinated and grilled in a tomato and mushroom sauce with authentic Middle Eastern spices. Rice and salad go well with the dish.

16. Kabsa

This dish is made of tender lamb shank, chicken, or fish served on a bed of spicy kabsa. It can be served with freshly prepared house salad, at Chef Abod's it includes a free 5-piece dessert (basbousa cake) or 5 soft drinks. 

17. Kibbeh Labaniah

Syria's Kibbeh Lebaniah is crispy split wheat shells loaded with ground beef, onion, and spices, served in a warm yoghurt stew with rice. At Chef Abod's, it includes a free 5 piece dessert (basbousa cake) or 5 soft drinks). 

18. Syrian Ravioli

Ravioli Syriani is a typical Syrian dish comprised of fresh doughy shells, ground beef, spices, and a delightful yoghurt stew. Rice is included at Chef Abod's.

19. Mansaf

Mansaf is a classic Jordanian meal of delicate slow-cooked lamb in a fermented dried yoghurt sauce. It goes well served with almonds and parsley on a bed of rice and markook bread. At Chef Abod's, it includes a free 5 piece dessert (basbousa cake) or 5 soft drinks.

If you are looking for Middle Eastern Restaurant and Catering Services in Nova Scotia, we recommend checking out Chef Abod Cafe and Catering.

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