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Is BNA Smart Payment Solutions really the smarter choice for taking payments?  According to a number of happy clients, the CBRB Canadian Business Review Board and BNS' very own Best in Business List, the answer is a resounding, "yes!"  With numbers to quantify your return on investing in their services, BNA has developed a quality payment processing system that truly pays off.  Reviews from enthusiastic merchants range as far as having used BNA's services for 15 years and counting.  Read on to learn why we've chosen to feature BNA as a "Smart" choice for international payment solutions:

"Accept all traditional and alternative payment types at the terminal and online, so you can improve the buyer experience"

6 Reasons BNA Smart Payment Systems Really is the Smarter Choice

1. Many Payment Solutions 

BNA's user-friendly merchant site has all the functionality you require for payments, including transaction administration, a personalized filter system, an overview dashboard, and more.

Additionally, you may complete transactions whenever and wherever you wish, thanks to the free integrated virtual terminal in the BNA merchant site. An internet connection is all you need.

You can quickly locate whatever information you require using the BNA merchant portal. You can also get transaction and sales records to see patterns and trends and improve business decisions.

Of the many solutions and features that BNA offers, here are a few that stood out to us:
  • Simplified transaction management 
  • Recurring billing
  • Full reporting capabilities
  • High Security
  • 24/7 support

2. Digital Dining

BNA Digital Dining is a fully contactless mobile platform that can be used anywhere, from small coffee shops to stadiums, to minimise wait times, lower operating expenses, and relieve staff workload. This seamless environment enhances the overall customer experience.

Here are three ways BNA's payment solution can help dining businesses:

  • For Delivery: Use your delivery prospects to the fullest without having to pay exorbitant rates. Orders may be managed from creation through delivery using the BNA dashboard, enabling clients to monitor the status of their orders.
  • For Takeout: Respond to customer demand for contactless ordering and delivery. Allow customers to choose the pick-up times that work for them when placing orders.
  • For In-House Dining: At-table ordering will expedite the ordering procedure. Allow customers to explore your digital menu, place orders, and make payments right at the table—no download necessary.

3. Quantified Benefits and More

You can use the data and analytics platform of BNA Digital Dining to make data-driven decisions based on merchant usage, customer behaviour, and emerging market trends. BNA Digital Dining can create new analytics products to meet your demands and gathers a variety of data elements.

According to their website, with BNA Smart Payment Solutions, you can take advantage of the following returns on your investment:

  • Up to 30% increase in revenues
  • Reduce wait times by 60%
  • Staff can service 2x the customers
  • Increase margins and cash-flow
  • Ensure order accuracy

4. Scan2Give Contactless Charity Donations

Scan2Give is a contactless method for your supporters to donate fast and effortlessly, and it will streamline collections while reducing your organization's processing costs.

For charities and non-profits, Scan2Give is a customised QR code donation solution. By using Scan2Give, you can give your donors a convenient option to donate anytime, anywhere. 

Donors can easily use their devices to make donations with Apple or Google Pay by quickly scanning a QR code, reducing payment expenses and donation drop-off rates. 

Non-profits may make it simpler for donors to make donations in an increasingly digital and cashless environment by providing a quick and simple mobile alternative. 

Donors no longer need to carry cash or complete lengthy papers; they may just scan their donation, donate, and get a tax receipt.

5. Awards and Recognition

BNA Smart Payment Solutions has been recognized as one of the Best Businesses in Canada by the CBRB Canadian Business Review Board, and it is also set to make our BNS Best in Business List for top payment processing services in Canada for 2023.   

Along wth meeting the CBRB's stringent representation criteria, BNA has met the selective requirements of the BNS Best in Business List.  The BNS Best in Business List is intended to recommend businesses that have demonstrated:

  • A commitment to clarity 
  • Ethical operation
  • Accountability toward consumer experience
  • A willingness to respond to future client inquiries, requests, or complaints sent through, following publication as a BNS Best in Business feature


6. Reviews

BNA has a history of pleasing clients, and we leave it to these clients are best to express their satisfaction with BNA Smart Payment Solutions services.  

Allan McNeil writes: 

"We have been using BNA terminals for over 15 years. During that time, we found their technical staff to be extremely well trained and knowledgeable about the devices.
The staff is helpful to quickly determine the problem and rectify the situation. If a terminal was to be replaced, it was prepared and shipped same day and at our location first thing next morning.

Being in the retail business, this was very important to us. Thank you to all the staff at BNA and looking forward to many years ahead.

Allan McNeil
Information System Manager

Suds Express Inc. and Jiffy Lube"

A representative from A&T Tire & Wheel also writes: 

"We have used BNA for over 10 years now as our payment processor.  Others before have setup terminals incorrectly casuing major business headaches!  Not BNA!  They ask great questions and their tech people are top notch in configuring my setup to work with my business.  Once we had an issue with a terminal and we had a replacement even same day!   Every time I get a call trying to swith merchant services, I politely tell them I am more than happy with BNA and don't plan on changing anytime soon:)  Highly recommend"

If you are looking for a payment processing solution, we recommend reaching out to BNA Smart Payment Solutions!     

Take a look at their social channels, below, for more information.

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