Healthcare Professionals Can Now Give Toronto Zoo Prescriptions

 Perhaps your next prescription from the doctor will be a discounted trip to the Toronto Zoo!

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As part of a recently introduced project, licenced healthcare practitioners will now be able to recommend to their patients a trip to the Toronto Zoo in order to meet their demands for both physical and mental wellness.

It was introduced on September 27 as a result of a collaboration between the zoo and PaRx, a programme of the BC Parks Foundation that has seen more than 11,000 healthcare professionals supply patients with "nature prescriptions" since 2020.

The Toronto Zoo is the first establishment of its sort to participate in this programme in Canada.

Patients will receive 50% off standard entry on the day of their visit when they provide their PaRx prescription and corresponding identification at the entrance gate.

Spending time outside has been linked to improved health, greater tranquilly, and other positive effects, according to research, according to Dr. Melissa Lem, director of the BC Parks Foundation's park prescriptions.

She claimed that living a healthy lifestyle requires correct nutrition, exercise, and adequate rest.

Lem also cited studies showing that people are more willing to safeguard the environment if they feel a stronger connection to it over their entire lifetime.

The CEO of the Toronto Zoo, Dolf DeJong, expressed excitement about seeing visitors who may be seeking relief from their ailments by going to the zoo.

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