Story Writing Contest for Kids : Mensa for Youth and BNS News Offer a New Opportunity

BNS News Sponsors Mensa Youth Christmas Story Challenge to Foster Creative Writing

BNS News, in collaboration with Mensa Canada’s Gifted Youth Committee, has announced an exciting opportunity for young writers to showcase their creativity this holiday season. The Mensa Youth Christmas Story Challenge, a unique initiative to encourage creative writing among young individuals, promises to make this festive period extra special for aspiring authors.

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Jasmine Kara, Chair of the Gifted Youth Committee of Mensa Canada, recently sent out an email detailing this engaging contest. Open to all members of the GYG (Gifted Youth Group) community, the challenge calls for submissions of short stories beginning with the classic line, "'Twas the night before Christmas...". This prompt invites young minds to dive into the realm of imagination and weave tales brimming with the spirit of Christmas.

Challenge Details and Submission Guidelines

The challenge is straightforward yet creatively stimulating. Participants are required to craft a story, or even a long poem, starting with "'Twas the night before Christmas..." The submissions must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Story Length: Each story or poem should not exceed 500 words.
  • Visuals: Including pictures is optional, adding an additional layer of creativity.
  • Originality and Assistance: The work should predominantly be the participant's own effort without significant help from adults.
  • Writing Quality: The grammar and writing style should be strong and appropriate for the participant's grade level.
  • Logical Structure: Ideas should flow logically and clearly.
  • Content Guidelines: Stories must avoid themes of extreme harm, prejudice, or foul language. While religious cultural practices can be described, explicit advocacy for any specific denomination is discouraged.

Important Dates and Publication Opportunities

The deadline for submissions is December 21st, ensuring enough time for the holiday season. The winners, selected based on creativity, adherence to the theme, and writing quality, will have their stories published on the Mensa Youth Blog. Additionally, select entries will be featured in a special holiday article on, a significant accolade for any young writer. Winners will be announced and emailed by December 23rd.

A Platform for Young Talents

This challenge is more than a competition; it's an avenue for young individuals to express their thoughts, creativity, and love for writing. It is an opportunity to get their work recognized and published, providing a significant boost to their confidence and writing portfolios.

BNS News and Mensa Canada’s Gifted Youth Committee are proud to support young talents, offering a platform that not only recognizes but also nurtures budding writers. By sponsoring this challenge, they aim to inspire a new generation of writers, encouraging them to explore and develop their creative skills.

Participants, parents, and teachers eagerly anticipate the unique stories that will emerge from this challenge. With the nurturing of creativity and expression at its heart, the Mensa Youth Christmas Story Challenge is set to be a highlight of the holiday season for many young aspiring writers.

How to Determine Eligibility and Join Mensa Canada’s Gifted Youth Group

For parents interested in fostering their children's intellectual and creative development, the Gifted Youth Group (GYG) of Mensa Canada offers a nurturing environment for young, gifted minds. Understanding eligibility and the process of joining this esteemed group is straightforward and accessible.

Determining Eligibility for the Gifted Youth Group

Mensa Canada’s Gifted Youth Group is designed for children and teenagers who demonstrate exceptional intellectual abilities. Typically, eligibility for Mensa membership requires an individual to score in the top 2% on a standard intelligence test. However, for children, Mensa Canada may have specific criteria or alternative methods of assessment considering their age and development level.

Parents interested in determining their child’s eligibility for the GYG can follow these steps:

  1. Research Testing Requirements: Visit the Mensa Canada website to understand the testing requirements and procedures for children. The site provides comprehensive information on the types of tests accepted and how to arrange for testing.

  2. Consult with Educators: Often, educators can provide insights into a child’s intellectual abilities and may recommend testing for gifted programs. They can also offer guidance on how to support your child's intellectual development further.

  3. Professional Assessment: Consider having your child assessed by a licensed psychologist who specializes in giftedness and intelligence testing. These assessments can provide a detailed understanding of your child’s cognitive abilities and potential eligibility for Mensa.

  4. Submit Test Scores: If your child has already undergone an intelligence test, you can submit these scores to Mensa Canada for review. Ensure that the test is one of the recognized assessments by Mensa.

Joining the Gifted Youth Group

Once eligibility is confirmed, joining the GYG involves a few additional steps:

  1. Application Process: Complete the Mensa Canada membership application, which includes details about your child and their test scores.

  2. Membership Fees: There may be a membership fee involved, which helps support the group's activities and events.

  3. Engagement and Participation: After joining, encourage your child to participate in Mensa events and activities. These events are great opportunities for intellectual growth and socializing with like-minded peers.

Parental Involvement

Parents play a crucial role in their children’s development within the GYG. Staying involved, encouraging participation in events like the Mensa Youth Christmas Story Challenge, and fostering a supportive environment at home are essential for the growth and success of gifted children.

For more detailed information or specific inquiries, parents are encouraged to contact Mensa Canada directly, either through their website or by reaching out to representatives like Jasmine Kara. The organization is dedicated to assisting and guiding parents through the process, ensuring that every gifted child has the opportunity to thrive in an environment that nurtures their exceptional talents.


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