Best Financial Solutions Providers in Canada for 2024 | The Official BNS Best in Business List

Which financial solutions provider should you choose?

We've vetted a number of financial solutions providers across Canada and personally connected with their directors to ensure that the businesses we recommend to you come with a stamp of accountability that BNS News can stand behind.

How do you know which Financial Solutions Provider you can trust?

Look out for the BNS Best in Business site badge or certificate, which looks like the badge above and features the year of review, as well as the business name.  Not sure if the company has actually been vetted by BNS ? Email to verify .

Every Canadian Financial Solutions Provider represented on our BNS Best in Business List has demonstrated: 

  • A commitment to clarity for the consumer through a clear website, accurately describing their services

  • Ethical operation, demonstrated through transparent fee and privacy policies/ appropriate license, where applicable.

  • Accountability toward consumer experience, exhibited through strong reviews or honourable recognition from a recognized review organization

  • A willingness to respond to future client inquiries, requests, or complaints sent through, following publication as a BNS Best in Business feature

  • If you're looking for a financial solutions provider you can trust, our BNS Best in Business List is the best place to start; you have the assurance that BNS News will mediate any feedback you submit while you work with our top-ranked med spa/skin care professionals.

    If there is a financial solutions provider that has helped you achieve your goals and that you would like to nominate for our BNS Best in Business List, or if you would like to submit feedback for any of the recommended service providers below, please email . 

    Here are the Canadian Financial Solutions Providers that we recommend for 2024:

  • Northrup & Associate Tax & Bookkeeping Services Inc.

    Areas Served: Canada-wide

    About: Doug has been doing every type of taxes for 19 years. He is trained in all Canadian Tax for individuals and small business.

    Doug has completed every form of personal taxes and small business corporation. Instructed at a Tax Training Site for 17 years as well.

    In 2020 Doug was awarded the Presidents Distinction Award as one of the Top Performers Nationally in Canada.

    Phone: 506-372-3335

    Location: Online

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