Island Eyecare: Setting the Standard for Optometry Services in Victoria, BC

Island Eyecare's Excellence in Optometry Services

Island Eyecare has been recognized as a top optometry services center in Victoria, BC, on the 2024 BNS Best in Business List, a testament to its outstanding contributions to eye health and wellness. This recognition is attributed to its innovative approaches, comprehensive services, and the leadership of Dr. Anita Narang, a distinguished optometrist and co-founder. This article explores the reasons behind Island Eyecare's top ranking, drawing on information from their testimonials and an excerpt from an interview with Dr. Narang.

Commitment to Comprehensive and Specialized Care

Island Eyecare offers a broad spectrum of eye care services, emphasizing the importance of comprehensive eye health. Services range from thorough eye examinations to advanced treatments for Dry Eye Syndrome, using cutting-edge technologies like Forma-i and Lumecca-i from Inmode. The center's ability to cater to diverse needs, including pediatric eye care and pre and post-operative care, sets it apart as a comprehensive service provider.

Innovative Approach to Eye Care

Under Dr. Narang's leadership, Island Eyecare has integrated the latest advancements in optometry, particularly in treating Dry Eye Syndrome. The introduction of innovative technologies, such as Forma-i and Lumecca-i, has positioned Island Eyecare at the forefront of specialized eye care. This forward-thinking approach not only enhances treatment quality but also demonstrates a commitment to adopting new methods to improve patient outcomes.

Holistic Wellness Vision

Island Eyecare's collaboration with HelixMedspa to offer aesthetic treatments embodies a holistic approach to wellness. By providing care that extends beyond traditional eye services, they cater to the overall well-being of their clients. This unique offering underscores Dr. Narang's vision of holistic care, making Island Eyecare a pioneer in blending eye care with aesthetic services.

Recognition and Trust

Dr. Narang's journey and Island Eyecare's mission have been marked by numerous achievements, including the introduction of groundbreaking technologies and strategic partnerships. These accomplishments have not only garnered awards and accolades but also built a foundation of trust and admiration among patients and peers. The center's commitment to quality, innovation, and compassionate care is a key factor in its national recognition and trustworthiness.

Educational and Community Engagement

Island Eyecare's emphasis on patient education and community engagement further enhances its reputation. By prioritizing transparent communication and educating patients about their conditions and treatment options, Island Eyecare empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their eye health. Furthermore, their active participation in community events and health fairs demonstrates a commitment to promoting eye health awareness beyond the clinic's walls.


Island Eyecare's recognition as a top optometry services center is well-deserved, reflecting its commitment to comprehensive care, innovative treatment approaches, and holistic wellness. Under Dr. Narang's leadership, the center has set new standards in patient care and treatment quality. Island Eyecare's success story is a shining example of how dedication, innovation, and community engagement can lead to national recognition and trust in the eye care industry. Through its comprehensive services, innovative technologies, and holistic approach to wellness, Island Eyecare continues to enhance the quality of life for its patients, rightfully earning its place on the 2024 BNS Best in Business List. 

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