National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge Kicks Off Today

 NATIONWIDE, May 31, 2024 — BNS News is thrilled to announce that the National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge (NYEC) will take place today, bringing together the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ideas of young minds from across the country. Held at the Toronto Convention Center, this year’s competition will feature a diverse group of students presenting their business pitches to a panel of esteemed judges and an enthusiastic audience.

Event Highlights:

The NYEC event will kick off with an introduction by the host, Jasmine Kara, followed by the judges' introductions. The competition includes presentations from students in various grade levels, ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 10. Each participant will have the opportunity to pitch their business ideas, followed by a Q&A session with the judges.

Judges Panel:

  • Avi Zur - General Manager, Toronto Auto Brokers Avi Zur's leadership at Toronto Auto Brokers has earned the dealership numerous accolades, including being recognized as the Best Luxury Car Dealership in Toronto and Vaughan for three consecutive years. His strategic vision and dedication to integrity make him an exemplary judge for the young entrepreneurs.

  • Jennifer Donovan - Lawyer/Mediator/Owner, J. Donovan Law Group Jennifer Donovan has transformed J. Donovan Law Group into a celebrated legal powerhouse. Recognized as the Most Influential Leader of 2023, Jennifer’s commitment to community service and mentorship inspires students to strive for excellence in their ventures.

  • Nika Sanguellini - Owner, The Injectionist and Aesthetics Nika Sanguellini has built a globally recognized clinic known for its advanced technology and innovative techniques. Her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to breaking industry stigmas provide a powerful model of success for the students.

Competition Categories:

Participants are divided into categories based on their grade levels. Winners will be selected based on their presentation, innovative ideas, and responses to the judges’ questions. Additionally, a Community Choice winner will be chosen based on votes from the audience.

JK - SK Category:

  • Presenter 1: Anabelle from Mensa
  • Presenter 2: Dana from Sidney Ledson School

Grade 1/2 Category:

  • Presenter 3: Lucas from Mensa
  • Presenter 4: Everett from Sidney Ledson School

Grade 3/4 Category:

  • Presenter 5: Luca from Mensa
  • Presenter 6: Jaylen from Sidney Ledson School

Grade 5/6 Category:

  • Presenter 7: Ram from Mensa
  • Presenter 8: Sonya from Sidney Ledson School

High School (Grade 10) Category:

  • Presenter 9: Hudson from Mensa
  • Presenter 10: Vali from Mensa

Community Choice Winner:

  • Winner: This award will be determined by the audience's votes, highlighting the presentation that captures the community's spirit and enthusiasm.

Certificates and Recognition:

All participants will receive certificates of distinction and be featured in the upcoming Winner Magazine series. This recognition celebrates their hard work, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit.


The National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge aims to inspire young entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams by providing a platform to showcase their ideas. The event is anticipated to be a resounding success, thanks to the dedication of the participants, the support of the audience, and the invaluable insights from the esteemed judges.

Stay tuned for detailed coverage of the winners and their innovative projects in the Winner Magazine series. For more information and to read about the individual presentations, visit and follow us on our social media platforms.

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